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Puck Dynasty Podcast: What should we expect from Penn State? (Episode 12)

The North Star College Cup summed up in one GIF.

Puck Dynasty is a weekly podcast covering the University of Minnesota men’s hockey team and college hockey. Nathan Wells (SB Nation College Hockey/various outlets), Declan Goff (1500 ESPN/GoMN Sports) and Drew Cove (Minnesota Daily) discuss the latest news, analysis and give their opinions about the Gophers and sport as a whole.

This week’s episode begins by reviewing the fourth and final North Star College Cup. Minnesota’s lessons in defeat, Minnesota Duluth’s team in victory, Eric Schierhorn’s goaltending, scoring depth and the good, bad and ugly of the weekend tournament get discussed. The crew then looks ahead to Minnesota hosting Penn State at Mariucci Arena on Friday and Saturday and resetting the Big Ten. Four teams are within seven points of the lead with six weekends to go.

Afterwards Twitter questions on Penn State’s shot numbers and Leon Bristedt get answered.

Listeners trying to ice a lineup of six Scott Stevens on the blue line can directly download at 1500 ESPN, Podcast One or subscribe on iTunes.

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