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Casey Mittelstadt’s Amazing Goal

2017 NHL Draft - Round One Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Casey Mittelstadt made his much-anticipated debut for the University of Minnesota on Sunday evening in an exhibition game against the University of Alberta. Expectations were high for the Mr. Hockey winner and eighth overall pick in the NHL Draft, and somehow, Mittelstadt managed to exceed them.

Mittelstadt finished the game with a goal and three assists in a 6-2 victory, and was named the game’s first star. But the highlight of the night was the set-up to his first goal, when Mittelstadt managed to elude all five defenders on the ice, and then another for a second time, to create a scoring chance, that ultimately winds up with him batting a rebound into the goal.

Eric Vegoe of GopherPuckLive/The Athletic captured the sequence on video:

Turns out this Mittelstadt guy is pretty good.

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Breaking down the play:

  1. Mittelstadt steals the puck from Defender #1 behind the net.
  2. He circles the puck out to the left circle, and with three defenders in the area, he flips the puck towards the high slot, where he retrieves it.
  3. He then makes a beautiful cut-back move to evade Defender #5 and work his way into the slot.
  4. He then pulls the puck in and dangles his way around Defender #1 again with a pretty toe drag, and gets a shot off for a good scoring chance.

Alberta’s goalie makes a nice save on Mittelstadt’s initial shot, but MIttelstadt retrieves the shot and gets the puck back to the front of the net. In the ensuing chaos, Mittelstadt gets back to the front of the net and chips in the rebound for a goal.

If that’s a sign of things come from Mittelstadt this year, that’s bad news for the rest of college hockey.