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Penn State Maybe Committed A Football Recruiting Violation During Hockey Game

Matt Christians

Penn State finished off a home sweep of Wisconsin on Saturday, which, to the shock of  the year 2006, is 2016's version of 'Dog Bites Man'.

The most interesting part of the game may have come during the first intermission when Penn State brought potential football recruit Lavert Hill--a consensus four-star cornerback--visiting the Nittany Lions on an official visit out onto the ice.

NCAA rules would seem to indicated pretty clearly that you're not supposed to do that:

While college hockey games still being covered by the media is up for debate, one would have to assume Saturday's game was at least considered "open to the public".

But Penn State wide receiver coach Josh Gattis, who is somehow an employee of a Big Ten university despite tweeting like a 13-year-old, made it seem like Penn State had it under control

And that seems to be the case. Penn State sent out this statement following the game.

So that's that. I have no explanation for how that wasn't an NCAA recruiting violation, but apparently it wasn't. Maybe Penn State threatened to sue the NCAA and the NCAA was like, "Yeah, do whatever you want'. I feel like there was a university that tried that after doing something especially heinous once and it worked out okay for them. Can't remember which one though.