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Michigan Defenseman Angers PETA with Pet Wallaby

You read that correctly.

Paul Sherman

One reason college hockey coaches hate the off-season is that there is seemingly no limit to the type of trouble their idle players can get in to. Michigan rising sophomore defenseman Cutler Martin tested those very limits last week when a pet wallaby that he had purchased drew the attention of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals(PETA).

The trouble started, as it inevitably does, when Martin loaned said wallaby to some friends, who happened to be Michigan football players, who happened to pose with the animal on social media. Those pictures drew enough attention to get the animal rights organization involved.

From there, the story goes pretty much how exactly how you'd expect, from Martin trying to hide behind the clever guise of "Trevor Martin" to a potential illegal deal with a roadside traveling zoo, to PETA sending a letter to University of Michigan president Mark Schlissel informing him that one of his school's hockey players was illegally housing an Australian macropod, to the PETA rep making some absolutely awful puns.

Ultimately, the pet wallaby was returned to the breeder, reportedly in very good condition.