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Weather Pushes Back Hockey City Classic

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Earlier this week in our weather report, we noted that the weather conditions for the Hockey City Classic at Soldier Field would be relatively warm, but hopefully still playable.

But that weather forecast operated under the assumption that skies would be overcast. Unfortunately, the sun came out today and made the ice conditions unsafe for the players and unplayable.

The first game between Miami and Western Michigan was scheduled to start at 3:10 CST, but was pushed back an hour, and then pushed back another half hour. The game is currently scheduled to start at 5:10pm, with hopes that once the sun goes down, the ice conditions will improve.

Michigan and Michigan State were originally scheduled to play afterwards at 7pm. The two-hour delay pushes that start back to almost 9pm, and there have been rumors swirling that the game won't be played tonight.

We'll keep you updated on the status of the two games as they come in.