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Let's Get Weird

A viral video has become quite popular at Minnesota home games.

'Let's get weird' started as a catchphrase from the Comedy Central cult hit show Workaholics and quickly become a bit of pop internet culture ephemera . Last year, the Dallas Stars began playing a video that they called "Let's Get Weird" before the team came onto the ice for the third period, featuring a rapid-fire cut of an eclectic mix of video clips to pump up the fanbase.

This season, Minnesota has begun showing their own "Let's Get Weird" video during the first media timeout of the second period. Early returns have been pretty positive, especially among the students. As soon as the first whistle under 15:00 of the second period blows, a chant of "Let's Get Weird" starts up almost immediately.

Some of the clips pay homage to the original--Ric Flair, Bloodsport, the Kool-Aid Man, Will Ferrell's Cowbell Guy--while adding their own personal touch with some viral internet sensations--Dramatic Chipmunk, Psy, the RKO Outta Nowhere.

Any explanation doesn't quite do it justice though. Here's the video from last Saturday's game against Michigan: