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Bold 2015-16 Big Ten Hockey Predictions

Take these to the bank.

Nathan Wells/SBN College Hockey

As part of last week's Big Ten Media Poll, voters also gave their own predictions as far as what will happen in the Big Ten this season.

Maybe some will happen. Some have already. Others may be bold enough where a meteor would have to come down.

Then again, who had Wisconsin winning a total of four games last season?

Predictions below fall in a few distinct categories.

The Good:

Michigan wins Big Ten regular season and appears in Frozen Four

Michigan runs away with the regular season title. Four points will separate second through fifth place. Gophers win B1G tournament in St. Paul.

3 Big Ten teams will make the NCAA Tournament

Two Big Ten teams will make the NCAA tournament.

The Big Ten wins its first national championship since it was created. The league hasn't done quite what its founding fathers hoped, but I'm gonna say someone pulls it out this year, likely either the Wolverines or Golden Gophers.

The Bad:

Minnesota is the only team to make the tournament and they do it as a 3/4 seed. (Note: Actually this happened last season.)

Michael Downing will get suspended. (Note: Also happened.)

Ohio State and Wisconsin will battle all year long for the basement spot, but more midseason departures will leave the Badgers in prime position to stay in the cellar for the second straight year.

(Donald Trump Voice) You're Fired!

There are three new head coaches in the league by the start of next season.

Wisconsin finishes dead last in Big Ten and Mike Eaves is relieved of his duties at season's end.

Jake Hildebrand owns the X

Minnesota wins the Big Ten regular season title. Michigan State wins the Big Ten tournament.

Michigan State will finish third but win the Big Ten Tournament

Michigan takes more inspiration from Red Berenson having the St. Louis Blues record for most goals in a game

Michigan becomes the first team to win an NCAA hockey conference title with a double digit GAA

Kyle Connor will score a million points.

Michigan's offense will dominate....but their goaltending will let them down again and keep them from knocking Minnesota off the Big Ten throne.

Penn State does well

Penn State's Andrew Sturtz will reach the 20 goal mark in his first year with the Nittany Lions.

Penn State will have another player go pro.

Penn State will make the NCAA tournament this season. (Note: Not made by someone covering Penn State, for the record.)


Nathan Wells is a college hockey columnist for SB Nation mostly covering both the University of Minnesota and Big Ten. You can also follow him on Twitter --