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Big Ten Hockey: Wisconsin's Eddie Wittchow & Minnesota's Vinni Lettieri suspended for role in last minute scrap

Wittchow will miss both games against Michigan this weekend. Lettieri is ineligible for Friday's game against Minnesota State.

Minnesota forward Vinni Lettieri is one of two players to be suspended by the Big Ten.
Minnesota forward Vinni Lettieri is one of two players to be suspended by the Big Ten.
Matt Christians

Wisconsin junior defenseman Eddie Wittchow and Minnesota sophomore forward Vinni Lettieri will receive supplemental discipline for their roles Saturday in the two team's last minute scrap, the conference announced Monday.

Wittchow, whose hit to the head on Gopher freshman forward Leon Bristedt with 31 seconds remaining was the spark, has been given an additional game to the one he automatically received for being assessed a game disqualification at the end of Minnesota's 5-2 victory.

Wittchow, who has 0 points in 10 games, will miss both games for the Badgers against Michigan this weekend.

A quirk in the schedule is that Wittchow's 2 games means that a suspension for actions against Minnesota (11-7-2, 2-2-2-0 Big Ten) will have him return to action against Minnesota. Wisconsin (2-13-3, 0-3-1-1 Big Ten) faces the Gophers at home January 30-31 following the Jan 23-24 series with the Wolverines.

Lettieri, who has 4 points in 19 games, was suspended for leaving the bench during the altercation. Lettieri will be ineligible to play in Minnesota's game Friday against #1 Minnesota State at Xcel Energy Center.

He will be eligible to return for the Gophers' North Star College Cup game Saturday (January 24).

The last minute altercation involved almost everyone on the ice and resulted in 30 minutes of penalties. Besides Wittchow, given a five minute major for contact to the head, Minnesota's Mike Reilly was given a game misconduct and five minute major for contact to the head.


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