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Mike Eaves Talks Big Ten Expansion

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Eaves hoping to see Big Ten add more teams

Hannah Foslien

Wisconsin head coach Mike Eaves spoke to the UW athletic board on Friday, and according to this article by Jeff Potrykus of the Journal-Sentinel, the topic of future Big Ten expansion was a popular one.

Eaves cited an increase in student excitement and attendance--a claim, judging by reported attendance, that is iffy at best--due to playing more nationally recognizable schools as a reason for the success of the Big Ten.

Eaves said he could see, or at least hoped he would see, the Big Ten expand with the next 5 to 10. He listed Indiana and Illinois as possibilities due to their strong club programs--though both would require the school to build a brand new facility to play hockey. He also mentioned Northwestern as a potential target, where Badger alum Chris Chelios is helping a commission determine the feasibility of the Wildcats starting a program.