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Introducing our BTN Frozen Friday Drinking Game

Because you haven't made it without someone making one.

Lennart Preiss

After jokingly suggesting it on Twitter and seeing the response, here is what you wanted. A BTN Drinking Game.

The Big Ten's inaugural season sponsoring men's hockey has meant an increase of televised games among the six schools.While a few have had most games televised regionally, the number of games across several networks and exposure is at an all-time high. That includes weekly Friday night doubleheaders during the second half of the season on BTN branded as "BTN Frozen Fridays."

For the most part, things have gone well. Not everything has been perfect. There has been some confusion over what shootouts mean in conference play (they aren't officially losses) and the occasional misfire, but the coverage has been good.

Rick Pizzo and Paul Caponigri do a solid job during intermission and treat college hockey with the respect it deserves. The Friday games aren't just filler between hoops.

It's nice to have focus and exposure - that hasn't always been the case - and with that, comes a fun way to spend Friday nights while watching college hockey with your (internet) friends. Below are 25 rules. Play along here and on Twitter because it's not weird if others are joining in.

Now the disclaimer: This is for entertainment purposes. Be smart and be safe. Above all, the drinking game does not have to involve alcohol.

BTN Frozen Friday Drinking Game

-If a "first" in Big Ten history happens then take a drink. If that's your first drink, finish it.

-Take a drink if the word "rivals" is used for a Big Ten match-up that isn't Michigan-Michigan State or Minnesota-Wisconsin.

-Will ____  effect the Big Ten race? There are many ways to go with this, but drink if it that gets mentioned. Have an extra sip if the Big Ten standings get shown on television.

-Drink each time the Pairwise is shown on television.

-Paul Caponigri takes an extra second to make his point during intermission, you take an extra second to sip.

-If an analyst who played for a Big Ten school (i.e. Andringa at Wisconsin, Clymer at Minnesota, Caponigri for OSU, Ritchlin for Michigan, etc.) is calling his team's game, take a drink

-Drink if Terry Pegula gets mentioned. Drink double if he is shown on television.

-For a non-Friday or Saturday game, take a long sip at the start of every period.

-Same if Munn Arena looks like it went through an instagram filter or the corners of the rink get brought up

-"Drinkwide" is said...well this one is self-explanatory.

-If a shootout happens in the game, do what you want. There's no judging. It doesn't technically count.

-If BTN calls a shootout win an actual win or a shootout loss an actual loss, take two drinks.

-Each time a player gets misnamed (i.e. "Alex Wilcox," "Mike McCormick," "Jack Draeger"), drink.

-If the announcer tries to talk about traditions, drink. It is hard to do that without any student section shout-outs. So it goes without saying, have a second sip if that happens too.

-Red Berenson gets called a legend by whoever is interviewing him, drink. Same with Yost Arena's age and legendary status.

-If THE Ohio State junior class and Ryan Dzingel's impact are brought up, take two sips. (If Ohio State gets called "The Ohio State University," then some of you get to feel smug. Others just shake their head.)

-Freshmen have played a role throughout the inaugural Big Ten season. At some point this will come up - especially during a Minnesota or Michigan game - and go ahead and drink when it does.

-Drink each time Mariucci or Kohl Center's Olympic-sized ice and its impact get discussed

-Sip every time a player's previous team or high school gets discussed.

-Sip twice every time a player's NHL draft status is mentioned.

-If a goaltender shuts out a team, finish your drink.

-There is a lot of history among the Big Ten schools. For "team has won __ national titles," take as many sips as national titles that team has won. Sorry Wolverines fans.

-Drink any time college hockey realignment is brought up, either pro or con.

-Chug if there is a Frozen Friday ad that mentions a player by name.

-If an Indiana basketball coach resigns in the middle of a game, and BTN cuts out of that game and goes to that press conference, then just head straight back to the internet.

Any other suggestions? Leave them in the comments.


Nathan Wells is a college hockey columnist for SB Nation. You can also follow him on Twitter --