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Gophers Hockey: How To Watch Tonight's Minnesota-Penn State Game

Although the game is not on television, you can watch and listen to it online.

Michael Dodge

So if you haven't heard tonight's Minnesota-Penn State game is not on television. The Timberwolves play on Fox Sports North, the Wild play on FSN+ and BTN, which IS showing Monday's series finale, has Big Ten basketball on instead.

This paragraph will just be a placeholder while profanities at one of several things are said.

It's disappointing tonight's game, the first-ever Big Ten hockey game played at Pegula Arena, will not be televised. The unusual Sunday-Monday series instead of the traditional Friday-Saturday college hockey series is ripe for getting attention. This isn't capitalizing on that at all.

Same goes with the game not being streamed online on BTN2Go. As a fan of the sport I'd love to see more games broadcast and made easily available. I'm sure I'm not alone. That's one reason why last week's pickup of Minnesota-RPI (even if it was for a potential Ferris State match-up) was well-received here and throughout the college hockey landscape.

At the same time, there are bigger things to get upset about than a single game not broadcast for a team that will end up with at least 34 of 36 games broadcast. Minnesota-Penn State isn't Denver-CC or Boston College-BU, both of which weren't broadcast earlier this season.

And it isn't Minnesota-Wisconsin on ESPNU.

If having a young Penn State program cater itself towards the students for one game rather than a "national" audience (classes resume Monday) is going to be the case, that is something I can be okay with. It isn't like there is something else that happened Saturday which could take attention away from Nittany Lion fans.

Everyone - teams, fanbases, college hockey gaining attention - has to start somewhere, one game at a time.

Still, there are ways to watch and get tonight's Gophers-Nittany Lions game. Some have been said in previous articles here and here, but because the profanities may have overshadowed that information or you found this in search or I was too lazy to answer on Twitter and sent this link, here they are.

WATCH: (7:00 p.m. ET/6:00 p.m. CT) has the game through its All-Access feed as does Penn State through its own All-Access feed (assuming it's the same for both schools). It's a premium game, which means you have to pay, but if it's worth the $9.95 a month for seeing an internet stream to get your fix - this is a no judgment zone and that goes both ways - then there is your answer.

If paying for an internet stream is not your answer (again no judgment zone), then you can listen to Sunday's game.

LISTEN (Same time)

MINNESOTA - 1500 ESPN ( or the link is in the feed.

PENN STATE - WRSC 103.1 FM ( or the link is in the Penn State feed


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