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Air Force Coach Frank Serratore Does His Best Richard Sherman Impersonation

The Air Force coach lightened up a mid-week press conference in awesome fashion.

Dave Pilopovich: MEDIOCRE
Dave Pilopovich: MEDIOCRE
Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Spor

Mid-week press conferences with coaches are usually incredibly dull affairs. Not so much the case with Air Force head coach Frank Serratore.

Serratore chose to end his press conference by trying out his best Richard Sherman impersonation with some harsh(and tongue-in-cheek) words for Air Force head basketball coach Dave Pilopovich.

Colorado Springs TV station KRDO has video of the press conference here. You won't regret watching.

Regardless of your opinion on Richard Sherman, I think we can all agree that Frank Serratore is pretty awesome.

Of course, Dave Pilopovich may have gotten off light with just a simple Shermaning. Serratore is still the undisputed king of the eviscerating post-game press conference after this gem from last year against Penn State: