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Lindenwood to Add Division I Men’s Hockey Program

On Thursday, Lindenwood University, a private school in St. Charles, Missouri, about 25 miles outside of St. Louis, announced that they were adding a Division I men’s hockey program that will begin competition in the fall of 2022.

Followers of women’s hockey are familiar with the Lions, who have competed in Division I since 2011. They were one of two programs, Syracuse being the other, that supported a women’s hockey program without supporting a men’s hockey program at the D-1 level.

The push to bring a men’s hockey team to the St. Louis area began in 2018, with a feasibility study funded by the NHL in partnership with the St. Louis Blues and College Hockey Inc. Though progress was slowed by the pandemic, the school is now in a position where they think they can make it work.

The Lions will continue to play home games at the 2500-seat Centene Community Ice Center, which also serves as a practice facility for the St. Louis Blues.

As of today, the Lions will begin next season as an independent program, though the school’s press release says that they are currently in discussions with conferences about a long-term home for their hockey program.

Lindenwood will become the 63rd program to sponsor men’s ice hockey at the Division I level.