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Report: Ivy League to Cancel Sports Until At Least January 1st

Photo Gallery: Harvard Crimson vs. Yale Bulldogs Matt Dewkett

Jon Rothstein of CBS Sports is reporting on Wednesday that sources have told him that the Ivy League plans to cancel all fall sports this year, and that winter sports will not begin until at least January 1st.

If this does come to pass, it is obviously a huge blow to the college hockey season with the Ivy League comprising six of the 61 men’s D-I programs, and six of the 41 women’s programs. Even if they are able to play half a season, that potentially creates a series of issues to work through.

Though more likely, the Ivy League is just ahead of the curve here, as they were when everybody eventually shut down in March. Rumors throughout the summer have been that teams have been working on contingency plans for a potential January 1st start date, though at this point, even that is no guarantee.

Nobody seems to be entirely sure what things will look like in the fall and if it will be possible to have something at least resembling a normal season, but this news makes it seem increasingly unlikely that it will.