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2020 NCAA Hockey Postseason Cancelled Due to COVID-19

Empty Net Matt Christians/SBN College Hockey

I was considering compiling all the cancellations and special procedures for games around the country until, at a certain point yesterday, it started to become obvious that it would simply just be more efficient to wait for the big one.

Here’s The Big One:

That’s it. The season is over.

By all accounts, it was absolutely the right decision. Anyone that has experienced the potential consequences can tell you there are days far sadder than this one.

But it is still a sad day. Teams across the country hoping for one last shot found out on planes or buses that they were just done. A chance at a three-peat for Minnesota Duluth is delayed, and likely gone. A chance at a first NCAA Tournament win for teams like Northeastern’s women or Minnesota State’s men after special seasons is gone. And for the fans, the most exciting weeks of the season now look like this: