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NCHC Announces Schedule for Omaha Pod


The NCHC announced on Monday their schedule for the 104-game “Omaha Pod” to begin their 2020-2021 season.

The first portion of the NCHC’s will take place December 1st through December 20th entirely at Nebraska Omaha’s Baxter Arena, with all eight of the league’s teams playing 10 games in the pod to promote less travel during the season. Tuesday through Friday will likely see two games played per day, while Saturday and Sunday will likely have three games per day, with Mondays being left as an off-day. With ten games played over twenty days, teams will average about a game every other day.

There will be no fan attendance at the Omaha Pod, though all games will be broadcast on

In addition to the pod schedule, the NCHC announced that teams will have the ability to schedule non-conference games this season, though none will take place until after January 1st. They also announced that at this point, the NCHC postseason tournament is scheduled to go on without any changes.