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WCHA Men Announce Conference Schedule

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While other leagues have announced plans for a return to play, the WCHA men’s hockey conference became the first to actually put real games on a schedule on Wednesday with the announcement of their 2020-2021 composite conference schedule.

WCHA teams will play each of the other nine teams in the conference in one series that counts for league standings, making an 18-game league schedule for teams. In addition, teams had the ability to schedule non-conference games beginning November 20th, though 30 of the 38 non-conference games scheduled will be games against other WCHA members that do not count towards conference standings.

The league will conclude play on February 27th, leaving the following weekend open for all teams should any make-up games need to be played. The league has not decided on a format for the league playoffs, other than that they will take place over two weekends.