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Frank Serratore is Mad at a Ref, But Thinks Santa is a Good Dude

frank serratore

Air Force head coach Frank Serratore is one of the most colorful characters in college hockey, and known for taking the mundane chore of press conferences to entertaining places.

His greatest hits include ranting about the poor play of his team after a win over Penn State, luring Colorado College fans to their games with free food, doing a fantastic Richard Sherman impression, his commentary on electoral politics, and of course, the absolute greatest press conference anywhere, ever, about anything: the meltdown after a Minnesota Vikings playoff loss.

While nothing will ever top the Vikings rant, Serratore had another beauty of a press conference yesterday following Air Force’s 6-0 loss to Denver on Saturday, in which the Falcons were whistled for five consecutive penalties to start the second period, and Serratore was assessed an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty after Denver scored a power play goal on the fifth of those penalties.

The full interview, in which he goes on at length about the officiating, can be found here.