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Puck Dynasty Podcast: How many Big Ten teams will make the NCAA Tournament? (Episode 13)

Empty Net Matt Christians/SBN College Hockey

Puck Dynasty is a weekly podcast covering the University of Minnesota men’s hockey team and college hockey. Nathan Wells (SB Nation College Hockey/various outlets), Declan Goff (1500 ESPN/GoMN Sports) and Drew Cove (Minnesota Daily) discuss the latest news, analysis and give their opinions about the Gophers and sport as a whole.

This week the crew break the show into three periods. First, Twitter questions are answered ranging from Casey Mittelstadt and the 2017 NHL Draft to rules to Minnesota North Star alums to how many Big Ten teams will make the NCAA Tournament. Then the show transitions into recapping Minnesota’s sweep over Penn State. Somewhere in that stretch dog-related analogies get used. Finally, the Gophers’ upcoming series against Ohio State is previewed.

Drew’s dad and anyone else getting a shout-out can directly download at 1500 ESPN, Podcast One or subscribe on iTunes.

Follow Nate (@gopherstate), Declan (@dexstweets) and Drew (@drewcove48) on Twitter. If you like what you hear, be sure to give it a five star review on whatever platform you consume podcasts.

Show Notes:

-Nate’s Pairwise explainer can be read here.