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One way to stop Troy Terry in a shootout

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It involves a lack of sticks on a road trip and Denver players having fun while making the most out of practicing their miming skills.

Imagination Christmas! I got a hockey stick...

Denver’s sticks did not arrive with the team Thursday to Kalamazoo prior to facing #14 Western Michigan for two games. So for practice the Pioneers took a page out of every six year-old’s playbook. Imaginary hockey!

DU forwards visualizing shooting goals. Goalies visualizing making every saves. Everyone wins.

This isn’t the first equipment issue to impact college hockey practices this year. North Dakota women’s hockey coaches last month practiced in suits after their gear didn’t arrive in time.

Regardless, it turns out there is actually a way to stop reigning NCHC Offensive Player of the Week and American hero Troy Terry from going five hole and scoring every time in the shootout.

Start taking notes, Canada and Russia. Or give back the sticks.