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Extra Year of Eligibility Denied to Harvard Trio

Stephen Michalek
Stephen Michalek
Matt Dewkett

Three Harvard players, all NHL Draft picks, have had an appeal for an extra year of eligibility denied by the NCAA, thus ending their Harvard hockey careers.

Defensemen Max Everson(Toronto) and Patrick McNally(Vancouver) and goalie Stephen Michalek(Minnesota) were involved in a 2012 cheating scandal at Harvard, in which 70 students were forced to withdraw from the university after it was determined that they collaborated on a take-home final exam.

Michalek played in a single preseason scrimmage while Everson and McNally played the first seven games of the 2012-2013 season before withdrawing from school, and were hoping for the equivalent of a medical redshirt for that season. Everson and McNally sat out an extra seven games the following season in an attempt to strengthen their case.

All three would now become NHL free agents on August 16th of this year if they are not signed by the team that drafted them. McNally ranked 51st on our list of the Top 100 NHL Prospects in the NCAA.