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Frozen Four: Should Evan Rodrigues Be Suspended For National Title Game?

Matt Dewkett

A key moment in last night's Frozen Four semifinal between Boston University and North Dakota came with 1:33 remaining in the game and North Dakota trailing 4-3.

North Dakota senior captain Stephane Pattyn was skating off the ice after a whistle--and, it should be noted, taking a few shots at Boston University goalie Matt O'Connor--when he skated by Boston University's Evan Rodrigues. Rodrigues appeared to deliberately high-stick Pattyn in the face. Here's video of the play in question:

Rodrigues and Pattyn were assessed coincidental two-minute minors for unsportsmanlike conduct. Though it appears that the on-ice officials missed the initial high stick and weren't going to call a penalty until Pattyn went after Rodrigues.

Some have suggested that Rodrigues' high-stick to the face is worthy of a one-game suspension, taking him out of the national championship game against Providence. At his team's press conference this afternoon, Boston University head coach David Quinn called Rodrigues' move "stupid" but added that he doesn't feel it's worthy of a suspension.

What do you think?