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NCAA Hockey Bracketology: March 8th

Sparty Up
Sparty Up

The playoffs have already begun in the east. The regular season ended in the WCHA and NCHC this past weekend. That means we're only two weeks away from conference tournaments and Selection Sunday.

Here's how the field would look as of today, with autobids going to the team currently leading each conference, based on winning percentage.

1. North Dakota [NCHC Autobid]

2. Minnesota State [WCHA Autobid]

3. Minnesota Duluth

4. Miami

5. Michigan Tech

6. Boston University

7. Nebraska-Omaha

8. Denver

9. Providence

10. Boston College

11. Bowling Green

12. Quinnipiac [ECAC Autobid]

13. Yale

14. Minnesota

15. Robert Morris [Atlantic Hockey Autobid]

16. Michigan State [Big Ten Autobid]

Changes from last week's field: lol Big Ten.

That field gives us a bracket that looks like this:

Northeast Regional
Verizon Center
Manchester, NH

1. Miami

2. Michigan Tech

3. Quinnipiac

4. Yale

West Regional
Scheels Arena
Fargo, ND

1. North Dakota

2. Denver

3. Providence

4. Michigan State

Midwest Regional
Compton Arena
South Bend, Ind.

1. Minnesota State

2. Nebraska-Omaha

3. Boston College

4. Robert Morris

East Regional
Dunkin Donuts Center
Providence, RI

1. Minnesota Duluth

2. Boston University

3. Bowling Green

4. Minnesota

I guess this is simple this week. As I usually do, I started with perfect bracket integrity, matching up 1 vs. 16, 2 vs. 15 and so on down the line. That's the result you see above. There were no intra-conference conflicts that had to be changed. As far as changes for attendance/travel concerns, there don't seem to be any changes that would be win-win changes, so we'll stick with perfect bracket integrity for this week.