Questions about Hanifin and Werenski

First off thanks to the people who put together the content of this site, I always enjoy coming here.

I just had a few questions relating to the two best North American draft eligible defensemen of the 2015 class.

They both have similar skillsets and seem reasonably close in terms of ability and yet Noah is the consensus 3rd pick while Werenski is slated to go anywhere between 6 and 10. This becomes especially fascinating when you look at their PPG rates so far in the NCAA (ZW at 0.83, NH at 0.63) coupled with the fact that Hanifin plays for a program ranked several spots higher. Granted they both play in different regions, Big 10 and Hockey East, which makes it even more confusing but it does seem a tiny bit odd to see Noah regarded in much higher esteem. Obviously scoring rate (especially for defensemen) isn't the be all end all but it is interesting to see the stats so far after 30ish games.

1) Is the gap in their ability/NHL ceiling that much different?

2) Are Werenski and Hanifin the same person in different bodies and we're in the twilight zone?

2) What are the differences in their skillsets, if anything?

3) Can their stats so far be explained through a disparity in quality between the Big 10 and Hockey East?

4) Is there a good place to find comprehensive college stats aside from the NCAA website?

5) Even their pre college stats and personal details are similar, are we actually in the Twilight Zone here?

Any and all answers will be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Keep up the good work!

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