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Big Ten Quarterfinals

Ohio State beat Penn State 3-1, and Michigan defeated Wisconsin 5-1 in today's quarterfinals for the Big Ten Tournament.

There weren't a lot of national implications in these games. Penn State and Wisconsin are officially done for the season. Ohio State and Michigan still need to win the Big Ten Tournament and receive an automatic bid to play in the NCAA Tournament. The top 16 of the Pairwise didn't change at all with these results.

But one team on the bubble was affected by the win. MIchigan beating Wisconsin was good news for Minnesota. Jim Dahl of CollegeHockeyRanked says that Michigan's win means that Minnesota's chances of making the field with only one win this weekend raised from 35% to around 50%, whereas it would have dropped to 16-18% with a Wisconsin win. A lot of that seemed predicated on the Badgers running through the Big Ten Tournament, which was a ridiculous notion, but it was still something.