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New Hampshire Beats Providence

In a huge surprise, New Hampshire upset Providence in Game 3 of their Hockey East quarterfinal playoff series to advance to next weekend's Hockey East championship in Boston.

This game is a very important result. Providence went from 9th in the Pairwise to 15th with the result(though a Harvard win gets them back to 14th). The Friars aren't officially eliminated, but they'll need a lot of help next weekend to get into the NCAA Tournament.

Meanwhile, New Hampshire keeps their season alive and is another potential team that could steal a bid to the tournament by winning their conference tournament.

That sets up a Hockey East semifinals where top seed Boston University takes on New Hampshire, while Vermont plays UMass Lowell. If anybody besides Boston University wins the tournament, that is one fewer at-large bid available for teams on the bubble. It also guarantees an exciting Saturday evening as one of either Vermont or UMass Lowell is guaranteed to be playing a 'win-to-get-in' game.