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Vermont Beats Boston College

Vermont got a third period goal wen the Privitera brothers connected for a strike to defeat Boston College 1-0.

Boston College drops to 10th in the Pairwise with a loss. It would take almost complete and total chaos next weekend for the Eagles to fall out of the NCAA Tournament field.

Vermont's win, meanwhile, moved them up from 19th to 18th, but more importantly, kept them alive in the Hockey East Tournament. Their situation is likely similar to UMass Lowell's, which we discussed earlier today. They more than likely need to win the Hockey East Tournament to get into the NCAA field, but this win at least kept them in the conversation for an at-large bid and allowed the opportunity for something weird to happen to sneak them in, whereas they would definitely have been out with a loss.

That's bad news for the other teams on the NCAA tournament bubble. Boston University, Providence or Boston College winning the Hockey East tourney would have been great for them. Now, they'll have to rely on Boston University or Providence to take care of business.