Hockey in Beaver Stadium - who should Penn State play?

This is something I would love to see. Yahoo Sports has an article up about the discussions of the Philadelphia Flyers (boo!) and the Pittsburgh Penguins (hooray!) possibly playing a game at Beaver Stadium for that outside hockey deal the NHL has going on on New Year's Day. Now I don't think New Year's Day would be ideal because hopefully Penn State will be playing on one of the playoff bowls then or near to then, but the idea of the Penguins playing the Flyers in State College is a great one. Do you folks think that they would sell 107K tickets for the game? How bad would the seats in the upper decks be? Surely Penn State would have a hockey game there, too. Who should the Nittany Lions play? Michigan comes to mind first. What about Wisconsin, Minnesota, or Ohio State? Which one would you pick? Two more words. Done.

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