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Twitter's 59 Must-Follows for College Hockey Fans

What are the odds they're looking at cute animals? 60-70%?
What are the odds they're looking at cute animals? 60-70%?
Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Twitter. The land of opinions spread across 140 characters. A platform where discussing ties can get you a feature on ESPN.

And between the jokes and misunderstandings, there is a place that sees breaking news, humanizing players, reporters and teams alike, creativity, uniqueness, and a place where college hockey discussions thrive.

If you're reading this, there's a good chance you are on Twitter and already have some college hockey follows. Hopefully we're one of them. Whether it is a team, a beat writer that covers the school you went or your favorite personality, this list isn't here to change your mind as we enter the final month of the college hockey regular season.

For example, there is no bigger advocate for college hockey than Sportscenter host and occasional ESPN commentator John Buccigross. Everyone knows who he is with a quarter of a million followers and a large platform.

Instead, this list is hopefully complementary to the ones that are already known. This list points out the Gopher Hockey Stats account (1,164 followers) which discusses stats and shot charts instead of the official Gopher Hockey account (49K) that has more followers than any other team in college hockey. UND SiD Jayson Hajdu (3.8K) instead of the official North Dakota account (23.6K). Writers instead of USCHO, College Hockey News or even SB Nation College Hockey.

There's a wide variation here throughout college hockey. Some of the accounts are better known while we hope you find a few you've never heard.

A few disclaimers:

1. These are in no particular order except for Dartmouth and Eichel. All follower counts are from February 4-8.

2. With a couple exceptions, the main criteria for this was being as specific to college hockey as possible, interest and interaction. There are many places to get NHL updates. This isn't one. The less NHL discussion, the better.

3. Like the NHL list Sportsnet made that serves as inspiration, we're excluding beat writers. That's not to say we don't like beat writers. We love beat writers. Some of my best friends are beat writers. They are amazing.

But you should be following them already. If you're a North Dakota fan and not following Brad Schlossman, or a Union fan and not following Ken Schott, or a Bemidji State fan and not following Jack Hittinger, or a Providence fan not following Mark Divver, or a CC fan not following Joe Paisley, or a Buffalo-area fan not following Amy Moritz, or .. have to stop before naming them all.The point remains. Once again, this list is the follower layers built upon the beat writer foundation.

3a. We did make a couple exceptions for teams.

4. Let's get this out of the way. Several people on this list are from SB Nation sites on a list that is made at SB Nation College Hockey. A couple are SBN colleagues. There's some bias being around them, but they are great at what they bring to coverage. It's why they write here. (And as further disclosure I've written or have written for people who run and write for every major college hockey site.)

On the other side, at least two people on this list have blocked us on Twitter. Awkward...

5. It was hard to limit this to 59. Very hard. Even I didn't even make my own list.

6. No disrespect meant to anyone excluded except for the account(s) you'll let us know about in the comments.


Dartmouth Men's Hockey (@Dartmouth_MIH)

Followers: 3,139

The first must-follow account which comes to mind for most. Come for the ECAC Big Green. Stay for NHL 94 photoshops, commentary and GIFs.


College Hockey Ranked (@chranked)

Followers: 468

Jim Dahl breaks down Pairwise situations and what-if situations. A must for March.


Jon Gillies (@JGillies32)

Followers: 5,115

Providence junior goalie and Calgary Flames draft pick. Enjoys Johnny Football...and Johnny Hockey


Nicole Haase (@NicoleHaase)

Followers: 1,101

Covers Wisconsin women's hockey for Bucky's Fifth Quarter.


College Hockey, Inc. (@collegehockey)

Followers: 29.3K

Promotional arm for college hockey. Up there in the Nate Power Rankings. Infographic wizards.


Joshua Kummins (@joshuakummins)

Followers: 1,475

Hockey East writer. SBN's young gun. Future reality show music judge.



Followers: 10.4K

College hockey conference which puts the "social" in social media.


Church of Dufour (@churchofdufour)

Followers: 308

Bowling Green's newest religion centers around puck and leading goal scorer sophomore Kevin Dufour.


Nick Oliver (@OliWagon27)

Followers: 568

St. Cloud State senior forward and Nashville Predators draft pick. Currently on a Jeter-esque farewell tour.


Jashvina Shah (@icehockeystick)

Followers: 879

College hockey jack-of-all-trades. Princeton, Big Ten for CHN, features and Vines.


Derek Schooley (@derekschooley)

Followers: 2,192

Robert Morris' only head coach. St. Louis Cardinals fan.


Jeff Cox (@jeffcoxsports)

Followers: 2,245

If a game is somewhere in the Northeast there's a good chance Jeff is at it.


Over the Boards (@OTBPuckWatch)

Followers: 8,359

Jasper and his band of scouts give context to the ins and out of college recruiting.


Children of Yost (@ChildrenofYost)

Followers: 3,130

University of Michigan student section and Tinder trolling aficionados.


Chris Dilks (@chrisdilks)

Followers: 3,018

Managing Editor of SB Nation College Hockey. Pretty Big Deal. [Sarcastic comment redacted]


Gilly (@NDhockeysk8guy)

Followers: 1,245

Social media has allowed a look into the locker room and build-up process to a game. There are several equipment managers with accounts that peel back the curtain, including Notre Dame's David Gilbert.


The Brotherhood (@MiamiOH_Hockey)

Followers: 11.6K

Miami's account both celebrates the history of the team by regularly updating alums in the NHL and, much like Mickey Mouse pancakes, has a sense of humor to not take itself too seriously.


Bruce Ciskie (@BruceCiskie)

Followers: 2.651

Minnesota-Duluth radio play-by-play voice, writer, frequent tweeter and poll giver


Melissa Wade (@hockeyphotos)

Followers: 1,402

As the handle says, hockey photographer with fantastic college hockey photos.


Justin Emerson (@J15Emerson)

Followers: 703

House of Sparky writer bringing college hockey's 60th and newest team to light.


Union Hockey Blog (@UnionHockeyBlog)

Followers: 2,486

Blog with outstanding coverage of the defending national champions.


BTN TV Hockey Crew (@BTNHockey)

Followers: 519

Pretty much all the B1G stuff you don't get on television: TV highlights of Big Ten hockey games mixed with a weekly 5-10 minute discussion show.


Andy Johnson (@AndyJohnsonB5Q)

Followers: 3,360

Wisconsin hockey writer who doubles on the side of scouting. Mixture of breaking news, Badgers info and Wisconsin sports fandom. Chuck Schwartz can't hold a candle.


David Johnstone (@MrDUHvid15)

Followers: 538

Senior Michigan Tech forward. Will use movie references.


Mike Eidelbes (@INCH)

Followers: 6,233

We do miss Inside College Hockey. The good news is that most of the supporting cast is still around in other forms and on Twitter, including Mike Eidelbes.


Nate Leaman (@CoachLeaman)

Followers: 1,800

Providence's head coach's account keeps up with official goings-on with the Friars. Plus in addition to having a great first name he once did a press conference with a baby on his lap. Lifetime follow worthy.


Josh Seguin (@joshseguin24)

Followers: 925

College Hockey News' ECAC senior writer. Not afraid to say no to Big Corsi.


Jayson Moy (@JaysonMoyUSCHO)

Followers: 226

USCHO's "bracketologist" and the only person who has successfully predicted the last 4 NCAA Tournaments.


CJ Fogler (@cjzero)

Followers: 17.3K

One of the only, if not the only, GIFer who will get screenshots and video of college hockey. If it weren't for the fact I once met him I'd think he was a robot given the output.


Hockey Commitments (@hockeycommits)

Followers: 8,263

A one-stop shop on Twitter for college hockey commitments.


Alex Carpenter (@carpy05)

Followers: 6,224

Redshirt junior forward for the current #1 women's hockey Boston College Eagles. Nation's leading scorer. 2014 Olympian with Team USA. Dreamer.

Matt Dewkett (@MDewkettPhoto)

Followers: 818

College Hockey Photographer. Freelance sports photographer. Photographer.


Mike McMahon (@mikemcmahonCHN)

Followers: 3,579

Merrimack beat writer, recruiting writer for CHN and MMA fan/writer


Dave Starman (@DStarmanHockey)

Followers: 4,870

Announcer. Writer. Invaluable USA Hockey resource from the WJC to the Draft and anywhere in between.


At Even Strength (@atevenstrength)

Followers: 225

Women's college hockey aggregate, original pieces on WCHA and CHA.


Sioux Tradition (@SiouxTradition)

Followers: 3,046

Fitting name. Observing the past, present and future of North Dakota hockey. Great with UND recruiting updates.


Kyle Rau (@kylerau)

Followers: 970

University of Minnesota captain has yet to tweet. Get in on the ground floor.


Eastern Bias (@easternbias)

Followers: 193

There are many great college hockey podcasts. This is one if you're wondering how things are going inside New England. (Partially from the Boston College SB Nation site BC Interruption.)


Joel Gehringer (@joel_gehringer)

Followers: 123

Stats-based work primarily focusing on the NCHC.


Gopher Puck Live (@gopherpucklive)

Followers: 5,278

Message board. Podcasters. Occasionally insiders or selling lofts like Craigslist.


Matt Christians (@matt_christians)

Followers: 737

Writer. Photographer. If you have visited this site, you have seen Matt's photos and photoshop work.


Damon Whitten (@DWhitt14)

Followers: 518

First-year Lake Superior State head coach. Outside the box trophy thinker.


Without A Peer (@without_a_peer)

Followers: 964

Covering RPI hockey "with a twist of lemon." Knows history.


Sam Anas (@samanas7)

Followers: 1,548

Quinnipiac sophomore forward. Maestro on the ice. Sports philosopher.


Dan Parkhurst (@parkhurstdan)

Followers: 369

New Hampshire/NBCSN announcer. Musician. Road Trip Enthusiast.



Followers: 374

The 49th state's best college hockey parody account. If not on this list it would destroy us all. On a related note, can the Nanooks keep making these intro videos?


Jeremy Summitt (@jeremysummitt)

Followers: 429

Michigan Daily beat writer and Big Ten writer for Along The Boards.


WAFT Blog (@CornellWAFT)

Followers: 465

Great coverage of the Cornell Big Red men's and women's teams. Not afraid to call out the casuals.


Don Adam (@donadam7)

Followers: 177

Referees are people too. NCHC Director of Officiating.


Kat Hasenauer (@sportsgirlkat)

Followers: 4,279

Boston-based freelance writer. Inside Hockey East & ECAC podcaster.


Darin Pritchett (@IrishHockeyTalk)

Followers: 121

Notre Dame hockey radio play-by-play


Mary Clarke (@marycclarke)

Followers: 371

Penn State men's and women's hockey coverage for a plethora of sites with Doctor Who hot takes for good measure.


Jeremy Dewar (@jeremy_dewar)

Followers: 373

Michigan State hockey writer for The Only Colors. Goal setter.


Kyle Hayton (@khayton1)

Followers: 506

I'll be honest: The St. Lawrence freshman goalie and reigning ECAC rookie of the month is on this list for the below tweet and bringing back the Mile High Salute. (Hayton is a Denver native.)


Mark Majewski (@markmajewski)

Followers: 1,275

Boston College hockey SID and, as bestowed once before on this list, an infographic wizard. 1994 Junior Goodwill Games historian.


Ryan Evans (@ryanmevans)

Followers: 435

WCHA writer for CHN and SB Nation College Hockey contributer. Still around despite being a Wisconsin alum and Buffalo Sabres fan.


Candace Horgan (@candacehorgan)

Followers: 452 NCHC and women's hockey writer. Photographer.


Tim Adams (@t_j_adams)

Followers: 200

Ohio State equipment manager.


Jack Eichel (@Jack_Eichel11)

Followers: 10.5K

Okay Eichel isn't the most interesting person to follow like some of the other hockey players on this list. People know who the future NHL superstar is. In fact more people follow him than almost everyone on this list. But you only have so much longer to follow the Boston University freshman/future NHL superstar in college.


Miss a must follow? Let us know in the comments.