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Minnesota Wild Rumored for NHL Stadium Series; Hockey Day

A 2014 Stadium Series game in Chicago
A 2014 Stadium Series game in Chicago
Brian Kersey/Getty Images

Earlier this evening, TSN/NBCSN NHL insider Bob McKenzie said that the Minnesota Wild were scheduled to host an outdoor game as part of the NHL's Stadium Series next year against the Chicago Blackhawks.

The game is scheduled to be played in February of next year, and Michael Russo of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports that the Wild hope to turn it into a weeklong celebration of hockey in the state of Minnesota.

That would mean finding a way to tie the Stadium Series event in with Hockey Day Minnesota, put on annually by Fox Sports North and the Minnesota Wild. That would likely mean the University of Minnesota playing an outdoor game(and in true Hockey Day tradition, have them playing a team from anywhere but Minnesota), as well as a number of outdoor high school games on the rink.

There are still a number of issues to work out. First, the NHL has yet to decide on a venue. It will either be TCF Stadium on the campus of the University of Minnesota, or Target Field in downtown Minneapolis. TCF Stadium offers a bit more in capacity and sight lines, and has hosted outdoor games before. Target Field has more in the way of luxuries and amenities for big spenders.

Once the venue is decided, the Wild will have to determine the financial feasibility of renting out the venue and subleasing use of the temporary ice rink from the NHL. Scheduling would also likely be an issue if they tried to play multiple high school games and a college game all on the same day.

If the Gophers did play outside next season, it would be their third outdoor game in four years.