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Sonny Milano OHL rumors persist

Jerry York hasn't lost Sonny Milano…yet.

Sonny Milano
Sonny Milano
Bruce Bennett

Since the night Sonny Milano got drafted by the Columbus Blue Jackets this June, there have been plenty of rumors of his impending departure from the NCAA route to sign in the Ontario Hockey League (OHL). Those rumors will most likely not subside until his first game with Boston College or if he indeed opts for major junior.

As Mike McMahon of College Hockey News and Andrew Weiss of Future Considerations have already tweeted, a source told SBNation Sunday that Milano has not decided to skip out on BC yet. However, there is always the possibility that Milano opts for the Plymouth Whalers before stepping onto the Conte Forum ice sheet.

The BC Hockey Blog also has reported that the Eagles' coaching staff believes Milano will be on campus come September.

As much headway as college hockey has made over the past few decades, there are still some among NHL brass who believe that major junior is the better route to make it quickly to the games that count on TV every night.

The other thing to consider in this ongoing fiasco is that the OHL especially, but all three of the major junior leagues are very good at the propaganda war and trying to control the spin zone. The Whalers are probably trying to influence Milano, his agent and the Blue Jackets into coming their way.


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