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USA Hockey Select 15 Festival Player Rankings

Recent Michigan commit Michael Pastujov took home the top spot among forwards at the Select 15 Festival.

Ryan Poehling
Ryan Poehling
Matt Christians

The top '99s converged on Amherst, NY last week for USA Hockey's Select 15 Festival. The younger the players, the harder it is to project their potential for being a contributor at the collegiate level. Some players really stood out as can't miss talents while others showed some promise for the future.

As we did with the Select 16 Festival a week earlier, we ranked the players by position. The problem with this camp compared to the Select 16 was there was no All-Star game or championship game and many of the teams were unbalanced. There were some teams loaded while others struggled. As readers will notice, these rankings are based on USHL and college projections rather than just who put up a ton of points in some showcase games.

As was the case with the Select 16 rankings, the further down the list you go, the harder it was to truly separate the players. Another thing readers will notice is there is no shortage of talent at Shattuck St. Mary's. This list is heavy with players from SSM.

Lastly, players who are committed to a Division I school are indicated by the school name in bold.


1. Michael Pastujov (#11 Black) 6-0/186 Honeybaked U16 (Michigan) - A strong and powerful skater who committed to the Wolverines along with his brother Nick, a '98, less than a week after the camp ended. He's a flight risk to the OHL, but he's a strong skater who drives the net well. He made plays happen from all over the ice, really dishes the puck well to his linemates and he wins one-on-one battles. He's a complete package offensively.

2. Alexander Chmelevski (#9 Black) 5-10/165 Detroit Belle Tire - He's not quite as big as Pastujov, but his game is similar. He's strong on his skates and has a powerful stride. He has a good stick, good hand-eye coordination and simply goes to the net and gets the puck in the back of the net.

3. Ivan Lodnia (#11 Gold) 5-10/156 Detroit Belle Tire - He's a very good skater as he had shown multiple times before during the U14 season with Chmelevski as a linemate. He's got good hands and vision, but he does a real nice job being patient and letting plays develop. He's calm and confident with the puck on his stick.

4. Scott Reedy (#10 Gold) 6-0/185 Shattuck St. Mary's (Minnesota) - This ranking is no knock on the week's leading scorer who's a Gopher commit. He projects as a very good college player, but the three players ranked above him really stood out for their strength and power games for their age. He's patient with the puck and very creative in the attack zone. He was very good setting up his teammates, but he also has a nice quick release to find the back of the net.

5. Brannon McManus (#8 Red) 5-10/165 Shattuck St. Mary's (Minnesota) - He's a creative offensive player who seems to be in the right spots at the right time for the puck to find him. He's got the gift of being patient and definitely makes nice looks to his teammates. He's another player who is confident with the puck.

6. Charlie Dovorany (#14 Black) 5-10/165 Shattuck St. Mary's - He has elite skill and made some very nice looks during the camp. He's a player that stands out even when he's not scoring.

7. Ryan Sandelin (#15 Black) 6-0/170 Hermantown High School - The son of Minnesota-Duluth head coach Scott, he had a very good week. He's an exciting player to watch with that flash factor. He goes to the net and scores a lot of dirty goals, but don't let that fool you. He's fast and has skill as well.

8. Riley Prattson (#12 White) 5-9/165 Springfield Cathedral High School (Providence) - He's diminutive in stature, but his hands and ability to make things happen with the puck especially below the dots is a thing of beauty. He had two four-goal games on the week and scored several nice breakaway goals. He committed to Nate Leaman and the Friars just after the showcase ended.

9. Brady Tkachuk (#10 Purple) 5-9/142 St. Louis Junior Blues - The son of former NHL star Keith Tkachuk and brother of Notre Dame recruit Matt Tkachuk, he didn't have the best week offensively, but his game still was very noticeable. He has good hockey IQ, nice hands and played a complete game.

10. Derek Contessa (#16 Forest) 6-2/196 Devils Major - It's not too often at this age group where you can say a kid really stands out as a big power forward for the next level, but he sure projects that way. He was a powerful skater who was strong on pucks, had a net front presence and made nice lead passes to his linemates.

11. Ryan Poehling (#17 Kelly) 6-2/180 Lakeville North High School (St. Cloud) - A big forward who did a nice job fending off opponents from the puck with his body, he also had nice hands. He has good hockey IQ, makes nice looks with the puck, has good closing speed and a head of steam on the forecheck.

12. Sean Dhooge (#15 Orange) 5-4/130 Chicago Mission (Ohio State) - He's small, but he can fly. His feet are constantly moving and he does a good job of moving the puck north and south compared to a lot of guys with his lack of size. He had a nice quick release on stride.

13. Matthew Allen (#17 Black) 6-0/160 Selects Academy U16 (Providence) - Another player who shockingly didn't put up more numbers offensively during the week, he had some nice shifts, but definitely was a little overwhelmed by the upgrade in competition compared to the regular season. At times he exhibited nice hands in tight. Despite not having the week he probably hoped for, he projects as a strong player down the line for Nate Leaman.

14. Kyle Kawamura (#16 Grey) 5-7/155 TPH Thunder AAA - He's small, but he's got a very nice skillset. He's fast, has nice hands and good offensive instincts. He's reportedly already received offers from several Hockey East schools.

15. Evan Barratt (#10 Red) 6-0/175 Comcast 99 - He's a player who grows on you the more you see him play. He's fast and he cuts well. He cycles well and the puck seems to just find him.  He had a ton of chances over the week.

16. Grant Mismash (#9 Purple) 6-0/170 Shattuck St. Mary's - He had a real heavy and accurate shot that could find the corner of the net. He had good hands with a very nice backhand sauce pass to prove it. He played a physical game, one of many from SSM that stood out during the week.

17. Baron Thompson (#12 Orange) 6-4/225 Omaha U16 AAA - An absolute man-child on the ice, he complimented Dhooge well when the two were paired with each other during the week. He certainly intimidated many of his opponents by his hard shot and his size. His speed isn't the greatest, but he's a player with a pro body who will likely be playing major junior to start the 2015-16 season.

18. Logan Hutsko (#14 White) 5-7/145 Shattuck St. Mary's - He benefited from being on the ice with Prattson a lot, but he has nice vision and does a good job of creating space and distributing the puck. He also had a nice, quick release on his shots.

19. Drew Magyar (#15 Gold) 6-0/185 Lake Catholic High School - He made several nice moves with the puck and his offensive instincts stood out on numerous occasions. He was a player who impressed with and without the puck.

20. Riley Johnson (#18 Columbia) 5-8/145 Carolina Junior Hurricanes - Small forward, but he had good speed, the ability to stop and start and soft hands.

21. Matthew Gasuik (#12 Kelly) 5-10/160 Buffalo Regals - He played a bigger game than his size. He was physical, went to the net and had a quick, hard release in stride.

22. Cameron Olstad (#9 Red) 5-10/175 Grand Forks Central High School - He did a lot of things very well during the week despite not having some of the extra flash of some of his peers. He was solid on his feet and his ice presence was very noticeable.

23. Andy Nedelljkovic (#14 Purple) 5-11/185 Victory Honda 99 AAA - His game grew on me as the week went along. He was passive at times, but when he went full on at the net, he was dangerous. The brother of Carolina Hurricanes goaltending prospect Alex, he will become an even more sought after recruit if he can consistently finish and go to the net with power.

24. Matt Cassidy (#18 Purple) 6-0/173 Comcast 99 - He could have ranked higher as he had a nice week. He has good hands, nice passing ability to go along with his creative looks and patience with the puck. He has good speed and the ability to stop and start on a dime.

25. Andrew Andary (#15 Kelly) 5-8/160 Oakland Junior Grizzlies - He had nice patience and poise with the puck. He waited for the play to come to him and could dish it out as well as go towards the net.

26. Alex Mella (#17 Grey) 6-0/161 Shattuck St. Mary's - He was patient with the puck and definitely a pass first player, but he also had a nice and quick release. He showed high-end effort in all three zones.

27. Gabriel Wahl (#9 Grey) 6-0/160 Omaha U16 AAA - A power forward who was a very effective north-south skater, he went to the net with authority and was strong on the puck.

28. Benjamin Copeland (#17 Forest) 5-10/145 Edina Bantam AA - He's not the biggest guy, but he wasn't afraid to mix it up. He made several nice cross-ice looks and showed off his hands with a toe-drag that induced some groans from the crowd.

29. Logan Cockerill (#14 Grey) 5-7/150 Oakland Junior Grizzlies - He definitely projects as more of a setup guy, but he had good hands and was a good skater. He exudes confidence with the puck.

30. Carson Dimoff (#10 Columbia) 5-10/162 Phoenix Junior Coyotes AAA - He skated exceptionally well and had nice hands and will become an even more intriguing college target if he can put it all together over the next few years.

31. Cole Guttman (#11 Columbia) 5-8/145 LA Junior Kings - He has nice breakaway speed and good hands to go along with an ability to win battles despite not being the biggest guy on the ice.

32. Hayden Rowan (#14 Red) 5-8/165 Belle Tire AAA - He wasn't the flashiest player on the ice during the week, but he was crafty and seemed to figure into the scoring.

33. Cole Coskey (#16 Purple) 6-1/175 Chicago Mission - A power forward, he did a good job of going to the net and using his body for leverage in the neutral and offensive zones.

34. Ethan Kimball (#15 Forest) 6-0/165 St. Mark's - He made some real nice passes, including a cross-crease feed on an odd-man rush for the tap-in goal. He'll continue to develop under Carl Corazzinni, who replaces another Scott Young, another former Terrier, behind the bench at the New England prep school.

35. Matthew Guerra (#17 Red) 5-7/132 Orlando Junior Knights­ - He made several nice passes especially centering feeds from below the goal line and the half wall. He's small, but he buzzed around the ice and created opportunities.

36. Cameron Hausinger (#11 Kelly) 5-10/178 LA Junior Kings - He had a real nice slap shot snipe for a goal in the early part of the week. He's got some good hands and seemingly had the ability to be in the right spot at the right time.

31. Jay Feiwell (#8 Black) 5-9/174 Chicago Mission - He's a player with a lot of raw ability who could become a real promising recruit if he can be a little more forceful with his game. He needs to finish a little better and be stronger on his feet, but he wheels and has nice speed along the perimeter.

38. Nicholas Keroack (#16 Red) 6-2/185 Valley Junior Warriors 99 Elite - Doesn't have high-end skill, but he's a power forward who can muscle his way to the net and create opportunities for himself and his teammates by using his size and strength.

39. Cam Burke (#15 Purple) 5-8/155 Nobles Prep (Notre Dame) - Similar to his brother Cal, a '97 and fellow Fighting Irish commit, he plays a small game, but he is speedy and crafty with the puck.

40. Erik Urbank (#17 White) 6-0/160 Buffalo Regals - He wasn't the type of player that jumps out at you when observing a game, but he does everything fairly well and has an impact on the game when it's all said and done.

41. Jay O'Brien (#8 Kelly) 5-10/160 South Shore Kings - He made a lot of good looks during the week, especially from in back of the goal line. He did a nice job on the forecheck and cycling the puck from below the goal line.

42. Julian Detmer (#16 Navy) 6-0/165 Shattuck St. Mary's - He was an honest player at both ends of the ice who had a lot of energy each time he leaped over the boards.

43. Mark Kastelic (#8 Purple) 6-1/170 Phoenix Junior Coyotes AAA - He had a strong power move to the net, a decent shot and good hand-eye coordination.

44. Steven Agriogianis (#8 White) 5-9/155 NJ Rockets - He was an exceptional skater, making several nice cuts in and out of traffic.

45. Robert Welsher (#17 Orange) 5-7/157 Oakland Junior Grizzlies - He was a very fluid skater with nice moves. He moved well from side-to-side and could cut in and out of traffic. He did a good job wheeling and cycling in the offensive zone.

46. Ian Murphy (#11 Red) 5-11/160 Boston Junior Terriers - Not a flashy player, but he was effective and made plays happen in the offensive zone. Had a nice week for himself following a similarly nice showing at nationals.

47. Thomas Altounian (#17 Gold) 6-0/180 Chicago Mission - He had good speed, was strong and had a good stick. He did a nice job backchecking as well.

48. Austin Pratt (#14 Navy) 6-2/215 Shattuck St. Mary's - He was a power forward who could have a nice impact at the collegiate level if his skillset improves just a little.

49. Tyler Gratton (#12 Forest) 6-0/165 Philadelphia Junior Flyers - He doesn't wow you with the puck, but he's consistently impacting the play in a positive manner. He's got good speed and hands and projects as someone who could develop into an even better offensive player down the line.

50. Graham Slaggert (#15 Grey) 5-10/175 Chicago Mission - The son of Notre Dame assistant Andy Slaggert, he didn't have the best week, but he's a capable offensive player who will develop and become a solid prospect down the line.

51. Kyler Yeo (#16 Kelly) 6-1/170 Hill-Murray High School - He had good offensive instincts and made several nice looks from below the goal line to find open teammates.

52. Jacob Tortora (#10 Black) 5-5/139 Don Mills Flyers - He's a speedy, crafty small winger who is willing to go to the net and battle guys a lot bigger than he is. He cuts well on his skates and has a quick release on the snap shot.

53. Kyle MacLean (#11 Purple) 5-7/135 Carolina Junior Hurricanes - He was another member of the Hurricanes program to impress here during the week. He had nice hands, was quick and made some good looks with the puck.

54. Ethan Mesler (#14 Royal) 6-4/180 Colorado Thunderbirds - A big bodied kid who did a nice job being responsible in all three zones during the week. He was big and had a nice physical presence.

55. Isaac Johnson (#18 Red) 6-0/160 Anoka Bantam AA - He did a nice job finishing chances with power moves to the net when he got the opportunity. He had a heavy shot and soft hands.

56. Christian Lesueur (#17 Royal) 5-10/155 Mid Fairfield Yankees - Led his offensively challenged team in scoring during the week. He wasn't overly flashy, but he found the right seams to get offensive opportunities for his line.

57. Joseph Cassetti (#9 White) 6-2/165 San Jose Junior Sharks - He had good speed for a big guy. He did a good job attacking the net and had a good heavy release.

58. Jack Lippis (#17 Purple) 5-5/132 San Diego Junior Gulls - He's small and will have to grow some for college recruiters to show serious interest, but he could flat-out dangle when he had the puck.

59. Nolan Sullivan (#12 Purple) 5-10/170 Eden Prairie High School - He wasn't overly flashy offensively, but he was a player who had a positive impact in all three zones when he was on the ice.

60. Liam Walsh (#11 Navy) 6-0/165 Pittsburgh Penguins Elite - He was creative with the puck, making several nice passes. He had good hands and decent size.

61. Joshua Norris (#16 White) 5-11/165 Oakland Junior Grizzlies - He exhibited nice speed and never stopped moving his feet the whole week. He also had a strong backhand.

62. Trevor Gilliland (#9 Kelly) 5-10/155 Pittsburgh Penguins Elite - He had a nice week offensively at camp, but his true calling at the NCAA level might be as a strong third or fourth liner who kills penalties. He was very gritty and many of his offensive opportunities during the week came about because of hard work.

63. Jack Nisbet (#15 Columbia) 5-10/145 BC High - He didn't have his best week here at camp, but he's got good hands and quickness. He's the type of player whose speed and craftiness will bring him along way. Expect better things in the next few years as he develops with the Eagles.

64. Cooper Haar (#14 Columbia) 6-3/185 LA Junior Kings - Limited skill, but he's a big-bodied winger likely destined for the WHL like his older brother Garrett, a former Western Michigan Bronco and Northeastern recruit.

65. Jacob McGrew (#18 Gold) 5-9/190 LA Junior Kings - He had a little too much street hockey in his game, but once he learns to keep it a little more simple and utilize his teammates, there is plenty of upside. He had good hands and could really move with the puck.


1. Max Gildon (#5 Forest) 6-2/180 Dallas Stars Elite - If you didn't know any better, you'd certainly think he was a few years older. He's a strong, physical big kid who plays a powerful game on the blue line. He's an offensive defenseman with good movement who can carry the puck. He's got poise and vision and really does an excellent job bringing the puck into his team's attacking zone.

2. Matthew Anderson (#6 Black) 5-11/175 Holy Family High School (Minnesota-Duluth) - It's certainly easy to see why Scott Sandelin likes the prospects for this steady defender. He's not flashy, but he gets the job done almost every shift. He's a smooth, fluid skater who does a nice job stepping up into the play.

3. Jayson Dobay (#6 White) 5-10/150 South Shore Kings - Heading to BC High in the fall, his game at both ends of the ice here was excellent. He stands up doesn't let opposing forwards push the play. He's good in transition, made nice looks up ice and was a solid quarterback on the power play. He was a little inconsistent, but his potential more than made up for it.

4. Mike Anderson (#6 Royal) 5-11/190 Hill-Murray High School (Minnesota-Duluth) - By far the most physical defenseman at camp, he made a lot of good, solid, clean hits. He's an aggressive blue liner whose stock should continue to rise.

5. David Farrance (#2 White) 5-11/175 Syracuse Stars - A very solid defenseman, he skates well, distributes the puck, has excellent vision in transition. On the offensive side, he got pucks to the net and had patience with the puck. He has good hockey IQ and overall talent.

6. Brian Scoville (#2 Kelly) 6-2/190 Providence Capitals Elite - A very nice skater, he did a nice job controlling the puck when going behind his own net to retrieve dump-ins. He had good poise and vision and awareness of the ice sheet. With his size, there is a lot of potential and the college interest should come quickly.

7. Matthew Stokes (#3 Purple) 6-1/175 Little Caesars U14 - He showed tremendous vision and the ability to distribute the puck here. His footwork wasn't as solid as some of the players around him, but that can improve. His raw physical tools along with his size are why he's ranked so high.

8. Jack Rathbone (#7 Black) 5-8/142 South Shore Kings - Heading to play for Dan Donato at Dexter in the fall, he's a skilled, yet smaller defenseman. He's a good skater who skates with his head up and has nice vision up ice.

9. Matthew Boren (#7 Forest) 5-11/165 Devils Lake High School - He was a very solid defenseman during the entire camp. He was overshadowed by the bigger names on his team's blue line, but he got the job done and made numerous nice plays.

10. Sean Keohan (#3 Gold) 5-11/170 Dexter Prep - A very good skater who transitioned the puck up ice with authority, he made some very pretty lead passes.

11. Philip Kemp (#2 Gold) 6-2/178 Mid Fairfield Yankees - He has a ton of raw talent that college coaches will surely be all over in the coming years. He's a big kid who made some nice looks with the puck.

12. Jackson Decker (#3 Orange) 5-7/150 Chicago Mission - He plays a very solid game that makes his size less of an issue. He is a very good skater, has strong vision up ice and has poise for a blue liner his age.

13. Hugh Anderson (#5 Gold) 5-11/160 Little Caesars Major Bantam - He had a good stick, always played with his head up and made crisp passes with the puck. He looked very confident on the ice. His decision-making was a little inconsistent or he'd be higher up the list.

14. Christopher Trouba (#6 Forest) 6-2/193 Detroit Compuware - A big blue liner, who is raw, but his namesake and size certainly give reason to think he'll develop into a very nice college prospect. He does a good job of getting the puck on net in the offensive zone, but his game isn't quite refined as it will be in a few years.

15. John St. Ivany (#7 Kelly) 5-10/155 LA Junior Kings - He was solid in all aspects of the game, but did a particularly good job pushing the play up ice and keeping the tempo. He stuck out more than a few times during camp.

16. Dan Petrick (#2 Royal) 5-9/170 Springfield Cathedral (Northeastern) - This wasn't his best performance, but expectations were high after seeing him perform well in the high school season. He tried to do a little too much here, but his skating ability is very good and he's an aggressive and athletic blue liner. Down the line, his stock is much higher than he showed in Amherst.

17. Michael Callahan (#7 Purple) 6-0/175 Providence Capitals - He got a lot of pucks on the net from the point and skated well, especially going backwards.

18. Marc DelGaizo (#5 Orange) 5-8/165 NJ Rockets - Another strong defender on Ben Murphy and Kelly Miller's squad that didn't have a lot of size, but exhibited strong play. He's a good skater, strong on his feet and can pass the puck well.

19. Nicholas Hale (#4 Purple) 5-8/138 Caroline Junior Hurricanes - He'll need to grow a little to draw serious interest from college coaches, but there's a lot to like about his game. He made quick entry passes, stepped up and held his ground for a smaller blue liner. His positioning and fundamentals were solid on the back line.

20. Colin Felix (#7 Royal) 6-0/165 St. George's Prep - Didn't know as much about him as some of the other defenders here, but he was solid. He made nice plays defensively, did a good job pushing the play to the perimeter and made some nice outlet passes.

21. Jack Harris (#6 Red) 6-2/171 Prior Lake Bantam AA - A very good skater coupled with his size, the interest will start to come for this big defenseman.

22. Ben Pirko (#3 Red) 6-0/150 Washington Little Capitals - He wasn't flashy, but he utilized his size and did a good job standing up opposing forwards. He was solid in gap control and pushing the play to the boards.

23. Josh Maniscalco #3 Grey) 6-2/180 Shattuck St. Mary's - A big defenseman, he played a big game during camp. He made some nice physical, clean hits. He played a strong game in his own zone.

24. Nate Knoepke (#7 White) 6-2/178 Lakeville South High School - Big kid who was strong on his skates and was solid up ice. There's a lot of raw talent that can certainly continue to develop.

25. Logan Scarlotta (#7 Red) 5-10/180 Selects Academy U16 - He kept things simple at both ends of the ice. He didn't do anything flashy, but he made plays look easy and did everything relatively well. He got a lot of pucks through to the net from the point.

26. Hunter Cook (#4 Navy) 5-8/140 Arizona Bobcats 99 AAA - He always had his head up and seemed poised out there. He's not the fastest skater, but he was smooth. He was strong on defensive zone coverage as well.

27. Bryce Dolan (#6 Orange) 6-0/190 Bishop Hendricken High School - His footwork needs improvement, but he was very physical and won a lot of one-on-one battles along the boards.

28. Graham Lillibridge (#2 Red) 5-7/132 Chicago Mission - He didn't stand out defensively, but he did a very nice job distributing the puck and pushing the offense from the back end. He's on the small side, but should continue to get noticed.

29. Reilly Walsh (#6 Navy) 5-9/155 Proctor Academy - A very solid skater out of the prep ranks, he cut well and had good puck control. He was surprisingly physical and willing to step up to cut down opposing forwards for a defenseman his size.

30. Hunter Lelig (#2 Forest) 6-0/160 Chicago Mission - Another player who was overshadowed by the more marquee names at his position on his team, he wasn't flashy, but he made smart, effective plays in his own end.

31. Joey Keane (#4 Grey) 5-11/180 Chicago Mission - A good offensive-minded defenseman who had a hard shot from the point, his defensive game could use some improvement, but he should be a strong college prospect down the line.

32. Ty Schafer (#6 Columbia) 5-7/150 NJ Rockets - He's a smaller defenseman, but he's a real good skater who can certainly start the rush for his team and help in the transition game.

33. Tom Craft (#2 Purple) 6-4/201 Mid Fairfield Yankees - Didn't have the best week at camp, but he has the size and showed flashes of potential. His physical frame will certainly draw the interest of college coaches.

34. Anthony Scanzuso (#3 Kelly) 5-11/155 Buffalo Regals - Playing close to home for camp, he stepped up into the play and helped push his team's offense. Not necessarily a liability defensively, but there is work to do in the backend to truly be considered a recruiting gem.

35. Thomas Miller (#2 Navy) 6-2/160 Detroit Compuware - A defenseman with good size, he was creative in the offensive zone. He made a couple nice backdoor looks from the point. He was strong on his feet and battled well along the boards.

36. Connor Mayer (#7 Orange) 5-9/155 Benilde St. Margaret's High School - Smaller defenseman who showed he's a capable skater and solid distributor of the puck from the back end.

37. Brayden Lange (#3 Black) 5-10/145 Pittsburgh Penguins Elite - He did a nice job pinching and playing with aggression. He held his ground and didn't let opposing forwards beat him.

38. Ryan Wilson (#6 Kelly) 6-0/165 San Diego Junior Gulls - He was strong in transition and skated very well.

39. Drew Hunter (#2 Columbia) 6-3/165 Livonia Stevenson High School - A big burly defenseman, he had a good stick and was above average with his gap control for a player his age.

40. Gunnar Stadem (#4 Columbia) 5-10/165 Alaska Junior Aces - A solid defenseman, he wasn't flashy, but he made most of the plays required of him and was impactful in transition.

41. Fletcher Fineman (#4 Black) 6-1/175 North Broward Prep U18 AAA - A good skater, he stood his ground well and did a nice job attacking the play.

42. Erik Nilsson (#7 Gold) 5-8/165 Grand Rapids Junior Griffins - He had a good stick and got pucks to the net. He was physical, but at times didn't make the best decisions. His offensive game was much crisper than his play in his own zone.

43. Julian Kislin (#5 Kelly) 6-0/165 Mercer Chiefs - A very good skater, he showed some flashes here, but his consistency needs to be better. He made some questionable decisions, but he was definitely a kid who could shoot up the rankings in the next few years.

44. Cameron Babiak (#4 Royal) 5-11/185 Belle Tire AAA - He made several nice outlet passes and was a strong presence in his own zone.

45. Nolan Lavallee (#6 Grey) 6-2/180 Neponset Valley River Rats - He had nice size and certainly didn't look out of place. He made some nice plays, but didn't quite stand out as much as some of his peers this week. He's a player, with his size, that could start drawing interest soon, especially as he continues to develop.


1. Cayden Primeau (#1 Red) 6-3/170 Team Comcast (Northeastern) - The son of NHL legend Keith Primeau, he is a big-bodied athletic goaltender who covers a lot of the net. He has good reflexes and has a good grasp of finding the puck in traffic. He went down early a lot and let up a few juicy rebounds early in the week, but got much better as the camp went along.

2. Joe Dragonjac (#30 Forest) 6-0/150 Pittsburgh Penguins Elite - A typical butterfly goaltender, he got down low and really saw the puck well through traffic. He had good reflexes and made some nice kick saves.

3. Dylan St. Cyr (#30 Purple) 5-8/155 Honeybaked U16 - A small goaltender, he just plain made the saves he needed to make. A favorable comparison to '97 Elijah Harris, a Brown commit, could be made.

4. Ryan McInchak (#30 Gold) 5-11/150 Oakland Junior Grizzlies - He played much bigger in net than his size indicated and did a good job cutting down angles and squaring off to shooters.

5. John Begley (#30 Grey) 5-11/152 Hill-Murray High School - He was the second best statistical goaltender at the showcase. He has a lot of upside and will certainly be a hot commodity on the recruiting trail in Minnesota high school ranks this fall.

6. Ryan Bischel (#1 Forest) 5-11/160 Benilde St. Margaret's - Another goalie who just seemed to make almost every save thrown his way. He's smaller, might be shorter than listed on the scouting booklet at camp, but he is quick and has good lateral movement in the crease.

7. Nickolas Donofrio (#1 White) 6-2/170 Detroit Compuware - He used his size and positioning to limit the eye for shooters. Some other goalies had better numbers at camp, but his ceiling is higher.

8. Tyler Haywood (#1 Purple) 5-9/165 Mid Fairfield Yankees - A smaller goaltender with cat-like reflexes and good athleticism. He compared similarly to '98 Ryan Keane who had a good showing in the U16 Camp a week earlier.

9. Alex Jones (#1 Gold) 5-10/165 Phoenix Junior Coyotes - He was off-and-on during the showcase, but at times he showed some very good athleticism and made some great pad saves down low.

10. Mitchell Gibson (#1 Columbia) 6-0/170 Valley Forge Minutemen - He has good size and had a real quick glove during the camp.


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