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College Players At 2014 NHL Development Camps, By College

Over 300 active and future players from 54 schools are attending.

Providence goalie (and 2012 Calgary NHL Draft Pick) Jon Gillies
Providence goalie (and 2012 Calgary NHL Draft Pick) Jon Gillies
Matt Dewkett

A number of college hockey players are trading in summer vacation for a chance to spend time at NHL prospect development camps.

Over 300 active and future players from 54 schools (53 of 59 Division 1 schools plus Chris Waterstreet of D3 Oswego State) are attending various camps running throughout the month of July.

Many of those attending are getting a chance to be coached by the teams holding their draft rights. However, more than one hundred collegians are going without being drafted. These players are invited by NHL teams and look to show and grow in front of the pros. Several undrafted free agents have made enough of an impression at these camps to be signed later in their careers.

In fact, ten undrafted collegians - Colgate players Kyle Baun and Michael Borkowski, Scott Savage (Boston College), Vinni Lettieri (Minnesota), Collin Stevens (Union), Drew Brevig (Ohio State), Cole Bardreau Cornell), Troy Stecher (North Dakota), Ryan Obuchowski (Yale) and Alex Globke (Lake Superior State) - plus recently graduated Mercyhurst defenseman Nick Jones, are attending two camps. (The Boston and Detroit combination, featuring two teams inviting a lot of prospects, seems to be big.)

Boston University goalie Matt O'Connor is attending three(!) different camps.

Some teams (Tampa Bay, New York Rangers) have already finished camps, but most are going on this week.

Below is a list of every active and future college player attending a development camp sorted by college and conference. Note that this is just active and future players. There are many more with college ties who have graduated or signed a professional contract attending development camps that are not included for the purposes of this list.

Not every NHL team has released a development camp roster. A few clubs - Buffalo, Carolina,, New Jersey and Pittsburgh - are holding camps next week and only a few players are known. (7/15 UPDATE: All 30 teams have released rosters.)

We will update this list when that happens, but if you see someone not here who should be, let us know.

If you want to see the players sorted by NHL team, click here.

Hockey East is sending the most players by conference with 74 - ECAC comes next with 65 - yet the numbers are fairly spread out across the six conferences. If you go by players per team when this article was originally posted, NCHC (average of 8 players per team) and Big Ten (7.66) lead the pack. (The numbers may have changed as more teams release rosters.)

The biggest difference between conferences is the split with players attending that are draftees and invites. Atlantic Hockey (all invites), ECAC and WCHA lean towards the latter. National champion Union's representation is completely made up of invites. On the other hand, a conference like the draft-heavy Big Ten (Minnesota's 15 active players leads all college hockey) leans 2:1 towards drafted players

Note that not every drafted NHL player attends his team's development camp. Some have summer classes and utilize the "student" portion of student-athlete. (This is the case for several Michigan players.) Some work. Others decide - or have it decided for them - to not pay the money to go to development camp.

Keys: NHL Development camp in parenthesis. 2015 indicates player will begin freshman season that year. Invited players noted by ***

Atlantic Hockey

Air Force

Cole Gunner (Chicago Blackhawks)***


Alex Grieve (New York Islanders)***


James Mazza (New York Islanders) - 2015***


Tommaso Bucci (New York Islanders)***

Chris Makowski (New York Islanders) - 2015***

Matthew Zay (Chicago Blackhawks)***


Vincent Muto (Montreal Canadiens)***

Robert Morris

Brrandon Denham (Calgary Flames)

Sacred Heart

Alex Vazzano (Ottawa Senators)

Big Ten


Mike Chiasson (Michigan)***

J.T. Compher (Buffalo Sabres)

Michael Downing (Florida Panthers)

Zach Hyman (Florida Panthers)

Dylan Larkin (Detroit Red Wings)

Kevin Lohan (Winnipeg Jets)***

Zach Nagelvoort (Edmonton Oilers)

Michigan State

Thomas Ebbing (New York Islanders)***

Jake Hildebrand (Pittsburgh Penguins)***

Rhett Holland (Arizona Coyotes)

Mackenzie MacEachern (St. Louis Blues)

Joshua Jacobs (New Jersey Devils)

Edwin Minney (Detroit Red Wings)***


Seth Ambroz (Columbus Blue Jackets)

Jake Bischoff (New York Islanders)

Travis Boyd (Washington Capitals)

Taylor Cammarata (New York Islanders)

Ryan Collins (Columbus Blue Jackets)

Hudson Fasching (Buffalo Sabres)

Jack Glover (Winnipeg Jets)

Logan Halladay (Carolina Hurricanes) - 2016***

Vinni Lettieri (Minnesota Wild, New York Rangers)***

Justin Kloos (San Jose Sharks)***

Ben Marshall (Detroit Red Wings)

Jack Ramsey (Chicago Blackhawks) - 2015

Kyle Rau (Florida Panthers)

Mike Reilly (Columbus Blue Jackets)

Tyler Sheehy (Minnesota Wild) - 2015***

Brady Skjei (New York Rangers)

Sam Warning (Washington Capitals)***

Adam Wilcox (Tampa Bay Lightning)

Ohio State

Drew Brevig (Washington Capitals, Chicago Blackhawks)***

Miguel Fidler (Florida Panthers) - 2015

Tanner Fritz (Chicago Blackhawks)***

Christian Frey (Dallas Stars)***

Josh Healey (Edmonton Oilers)***

Sam Jardine (Chicago Blackhawks)***

Dakota Joshua (Toronto Maple Leafs) - 2015

Tyler Nanne (New York Rangers)

Matt Tomkins (Chicago Blackhawks)

Penn State

Casey Bailey (Calgary Flames)***

Patrick Koudys (Washington Capitals)

Eamon McAdam (New York Islanders)

Zach Saar (Washington Capitals)***

Matt Skoff (San Jose Sharks)***

Eric Scheid (Minnesota Wild)***


Matt Berkovitz (Anaheim Ducks) - 2015

Grant Besse (Anaheim Ducks)

Jedd Soleway (Arizona Coyotes)

Matt Ustaski (Winnipeg Jets)

Eddie Witchcow (Florida Panthers)



Tyler Bird (Columbus Blue Jackets)

Nick Lappin (Pittsburgh Penguins)***

Matt Lorito (New Jersey Devils)***

Zachary Pryzbek (Toronto Maple Leafs)***

Maxwell Willman (Buffalo Sabres)

Tyler Wood (New Jersey Devils)***


Terrance Amorosa (Philadelphia Flyers)

James de Haas (Detroit Red Wings)

Paul Geiger (Vancouver Canucks)***

Troy Josephs (Pittsburgh Penguins)

Kelly Summers (Ottawa Senators)

Kevin Tansey (Ottawa Senators)***

Samuel Vignault (Toronto Maple Leafs)***


Kyle Baun (Boston Bruins, Detroit Red Wings)***

Michael Borkowski (Vancouver Canucks, Chicago Blackhawks)***

Charlie Finn (New Jersey Devils)***

Spiro Goulakos (New York Rangers)***

Tim Harrison (Calgary Flames)

Ryan Johnston (New Jersey Devils)***

Jake Kulevich (San Jose Sharks)***

Darcy Murphy (New Jersey Devils)***

Tylor Spink (Detroit Red Wings)***

Tyson Spink (Detroit Red Wings)***


Anthony Angello (Pittsburgh Penguins) - 2015

Cole Bardreau (Boston Bruins, Detroit Red Wings)***

Matt Buckles (Florida Panthers)

Jared Fiegl (Arizona Coyotes)

Christian Hilbrich (Anaheim Ducks)***

Joel Lowry (Los Angeles Kings)

Jacob MacDonald (Anaheim Ducks, Carolina Hurricanes)***

John McCarron (Edmonton Oilers)

Joakim Ryan (San Jose Sharks)

Beau Starrett (Chicago Blackhawks)

Dwyer Tschantz (St. Louis Blues)

Reese Wilcox (Philadelphia Flyers)


Brandon McNally (Montreal Canadiens)***

Eric Neiley (New York Rangers)***

Grant Opperman (Minnesota Wild)***

Rick Pinkston (San Jose Sharks)***

River Rymsha (Detroit Red Wings)***


Ryan Donato (Boston Bruins) - 2015

Brian Hart (Tampa Bay Lightning)

Sean Malone (Buffalo Sabres)

Merick Madsen (Philadelphia Flyers)

Wiley Sherman (Boston Bruins)

Jimmy Vesey (Nashville Predators)


Mike Ambrosia (New Jersey Devils)***

Ryan Siiro (New York Islanders)***


Sam Anas (Montreal Canadiens)***

Connor Clifton (Arizona Coyotes)

Danny Federico (Montreal Canadiens)***

Michael Garteig (Vancouver Canucks)***

Landon Smith (Colorado Avalanche) - 2015***

Matthew Peca (Tampa Bay Lightning)

Devon Toews (New York Islanders)


Luke Curadi (New York Rangers)***

Alec Dillon (Los Angeles Kings) - 2015

Michael Prapavessis (Dallas Stars)

Jason Kasdorf (Winnipeg Jets)

Matt Neal (New York Rangers)***

St. Lawrence

Woody Hudson (New York Islanders)***

Mike Marnell (New York Islanders)***

Tyler Parks (St. Louis Blues)***

Brian Ward (Chicago Blackhawks)***


Daniel Ciampini (Vancouver Canucks)***

Eli Lichtenwald (Anaheim Ducks)***

Collin Stevens (Florida Panthers, New York Rangers)***

Mike Vecchione (Florida Panthers)***


Matthew Beattie (Vancouver Canucks)

Michael Doherty (Boston Bruins)***

Tommy Fallen (Vancouver Canucks)***

John Hayden (Chicago Blackhawks)

Ryan Hitchcock (Chicago Blackhawks)***

Alex Lyon (Chicago Blackhawks)***

Ryan Obuchowski (Detroit Red Wings, Chicago Blackhawks)***

Rob O'Gara (Boston Bruins)

Billy Sweezey (Boston Bruins) - 2015***

Hockey East

Boston College

Chris Calnan (Chicago Blackhawks)

Austin Cangelosi (New York Islanders)***

Thatcher Demko (Vancouver Canucks)

Joey Dudek (New Jersey Devils) - 2015

Ryan Fitzgerald (Boston Bruins)

Adam Gilmour (Minnesota Wild)

Michael Matheson (Florida Panthers)

Ian McCoshen (Florida Panthers)

Sonny Milano (Columbus Blue Jackets)

Zach Sanford (Washington Capitals)

Steven Santini (New Jersey Devils)

Scott Savage (Anaheim Ducks, New York Islanders)***

Alex Tuch (Minnesota Wild)

Miles Wood (New Jersey Devils)

Boston University

Robert Baillargeon (Ottawa Senators)

Robert Carpenter (Toronto Maple Leafs) - 2015***

Kevin Duane (New York Rangers)***

Matt Grzelcyk (Boston Bruins)

Brandon Hickey (Calgary Flames)

Maxim Letunov (St. Louis Blues) - 2015

Johnathon MacLeod (Tampa Bay Lightning)

Matt O'Connor (New York Rangers, Vancouver Canucks, Chicago Blackhawks)***

Danny O'Regan (San Jose Sharks)

J.J. Piccinich (Toronto Maple Leafs)

Doyle Somerby (New York Islanders)

Connecticut (WELCOME!)

David Drake (Philadelphia Flyers)

Miles Gendron (Ottawa Senators) - 2015

Joona Kunnas (Winnipeg Jets)***

Ryan Segalia (Pittsburgh Penguins)


Blaine Byron (Pittsburgh Penguins)

Ben Hutton (Vancouver Canucks)

Liam Pecarro (Buffalo Sabres)

Dan Renouf (Tampa Bay Lightning, Pittsburgh Penguins)***

Jake Rutt (New York Islanders)***

Devin Shore (Dallas Stars)

Steve Swavely (New York Islanders)***

Nolan Vesey (Toronto Maple Leafs)


Ben Gallacher (Florida Panthers)

Stephen Mastalerz (Pittsburgh Penguins)

Brandon Montour (Anaheim Ducks)

Frank Vatrano (Winnipeg Jets)***

Oleg Yevenko (Boston Bruins)***


Evan Campbell (Edmonton Oilers)

Adam Chapie (Calgary Flames)***


Michael Babcock (Detroit Red Wings)***

Quinn Gould (Chicago Blackhawks)***

Hampus Gustafsson (Detroit Red Wings)***

Chris Leblanc (Ottawa Senators)

New Hampshire

Justin Agosta (Montreal Canadiens)***

Grayson Downing (Calgary Flames)***

Shane Eiserman (Ottawa Senators)

Warren Foegele (Carolina Hurricanes)

Nick Nonis (Anaheim Ducks) - 2015

Brett Pesce (Carolina Hurricances)


Zachary Aston-Reese (Chicago Blackhawks)***

Matt Benning (Boston Bruins)

Dylan Sikura (Chicago Blackhawks)

Torin Snyderman (Arizona Coyotes)***

Ryan Rosenthal (New Jersey Devils)***

John Stevens (Chicago Blackhawks)***

Nolan Stevens (Chicago Blackhawks)***

Michael Szmatula (Montreal Canadiens)***

Kevin Roy (Anaheim Ducks)

Clay Witt (Tampa Bay Lightning)***

Notre Dame

Andres Bjork (Boston Bruins)

Thomas DiPauli (Washington Capitals)

Steven Fogarty (New York Rangers)

Sam Herr (New York Islanders)***

Vince Hinostroza (Chicago Blackhawks)

Mario Lucia (Minnesota Wild)

Cal Petersen (Buffalo Sabres)

Robbie Russo (New York Islanders)

Joe Wegwerth (Florida Panthers) - 2015

Austin Wuthrich (Washington Capitals)

Providence College

Jon Gillies (Calgary Flames)

John Gilmour (Calgary Flames)

Hayden Hawkey (Montreal Canadiens)

Mark Jankowski (Calgary Flames)

Conor MacPhee (Washington Capitals)***

Ross Mauerman (New Jersey Devils)

Brian Pinho (Washington Capitals)

Kevin Rooney (New York Rangers)***

Nick Saracino (New Jersey Devils)***

Jake Walman (St. Louis Blues)


Brady Hoffman (Chicago Blackhawks)***

Nick Luukko (Philadelphia Flyers)

Colin Markison (Edmonton Oilers)***

Michael Paliotta (Chicago Blackhawks)


Colorado College

Hunter Fejes (Arizona Coyotes)

Aaron Harstad (Winnipeg Jets)***

Teemu Kivihalme (Nashville Predators)

Frederik Olofsson (Chicago Blackhawks)

Jaccob Slavin (Carolina Hurricanes)

Peter Stoykewych (Winnipeg Jets)***


Will Butcher (Colorado Avalanche)

Evan Cowley (Florida Panthers)

Josiah Didier (Montreal Canadiens)

Joey LaLeggia (Edmonton Oilers)

Zac Larraza (Arizona Coyotes)

Ty Loney (New York Islanders)***

Paul Phillips (Chicago Blackhawks)

Quentin Shore (Ottawa Senators)

Nolan Zajac (Winnipeg Jets)***


Riley Barber (Washington Capitals)

Louie Belepedio (Minnesota Wild)

Blake Coleman (New Jersey Devils)

Trevor Hamilton (Detroit Red Wings)***

Anthony Louis (Chicago Blackhawks)

Sean Kuraly (San Jose Sharks)

Ryan McKay (Philadelphia)***


Tony Cameranesi (Toronto Maple Leafs)

Brenden Kotyk (Chicago Blackhawks)***

Karson Kuhlman (Winnipeg Jets)***

Alex Iafallo (Minnesota Wild)***

Carson Soucy (Minnesota Wild)

Dominic Toninato (Toronto Maple Leafs)

Andy Welinski (Anaheim Ducks)


Ian Brady (Washington Capitals)***

Brian Cooper (Anaheim Ducks)

Jake Guentzel (Pittsburgh Penguins)

Tanner Lane (Winnipeg Jets)

Ryan Massa (Anaheim Ducks)***

Avery Peterson (Minnesota Wild)

David Pope (Detroit Red Wings)

John Searfoss (Dallas Stars)***

Luc Snuggerud (Chicago Blackhawks)

Steven Spinner (Washington Capitals) - 2015

Tyler Vesel (Edmonton Oilers)

North Dakota

Gage Ausmus (San Jose Sharks)

Drake Caggiula (Buffalo Sabres)***

Shane Gersich (Washington Capitals) - 2015

Zane Gothberg (Boston Bruins)

Luke Johnson (Chicago Blackhawks)

Mark MacMilan (Montreal Canadiens)

Ryan Mantha (New York Rangers)

Nick Mattson (Chicago Blackhawks)

Wade Murphy (Nashville Predators)

Brendan O'Donnell (Tampa Bay Lightning)

Tucker Poolman (Winnipeg Jets)

Austin Poganski (St. Louis Blues)

Jordan Schmaltz (St. Louis Blues)

Nick Schmaltz (Chicago Blackhawks)

Troy Stecher (Vancouver Canucks, Chicago Blackhawks)***

Keaton Thompson (Anaheim Ducks)

St. Cloud State

Brooks Bertsch (Minnesota Wild)***

Jonny Brodzinski (Los Angeles Kings)

Kalle Kosilla (Winnipeg Jets)***

Patrick Newell (Los Angeles Kings) - 2015***

Andrew Prochno (Buffalo Sabres)***

Patrick Russell (Buffalo Sabres)***

Ben Storm (Colorado Avalanche)

Jimmy Schuldt (Washington Capitals) - 2015***

Western Michigan

Chris Dienes (Calgary Flames)***

Taylor Fleming (Winnipeg Jets)

Colton Hargrove (Boston Bruins)

Matheson Iacopelli (Chicago Blackhawks)

Nolan LaPorte (Chicago Blackhawks)***

Mike McKee (Detroit Red Wings)

Kenney Morrison (Los Angeles Kings)

Aidan Muir (Edmonton Oilers)



Marcus Basara (Winnipeg Jets)***

Colton Parayko (St. Louis Blues)

Nikolas Koberstein (Montreal) - 2015


Scott Allen (Calgary Flames)***

Blake Tatchell (Alaska-Anchorage)***

Bemidji State

Brendan Harms (Winnipeg Jets)

Bowling Green

Mark Cooper (Detroit Red Wings)***

Ralfs Freibergs (Winnipeg Jets)***

Mark Friedman (Philadelphia Flyers)

Jakob Reichert (San Jose Sharks)***

Ferris State

C.J. Motte (Montreal Canadiens)***

Lake Superior State

Alex Globke (Boston Bruins, Detroit Red Wings)***

Zach Loesch (Washington Capitals)***

Michigan Tech

Dane Birks (Pittsburgh Penguins)

Shane Hanna (Winnipeg Jets)***

Jake Jackson (San Jose Sharks)

David Johnstone (Detroit Red Wings)***

Tanner Kero (Minnesota Wild)***

Jamie Phillips (Winnipeg Jets)***

Blake Pietila (New Jersey Devils)

Reid Sturos (Winnipeg Jets)***

Cliff Watson (San Jose Sharks)

Minnesota State

Teddy Blueger (Pittsburgh Penguins)

CJ Franklin (Winnipeg Jets)

Cole Huggins (Calgary Flames)***

Brad McClure (Pittsburgh Penguins)***

Zach Palmquist (Minnesota Wild)***

Zach Stepan (Nashville Predators)

Hunter Warner (Minnesota Wild) - 2015***

Stephon Williams (New York Islanders)


Most players by school:

Minnesota: 15 (plus 2 commits) with 1 player going to 2 camps

North Dakota: 15 (plus 1 commit) with 1 player going to 2 camps

Boston College: 11 with 1 player going to 2 camps

Cornell: 11 with 1 player going to 2 camps

Boston University: 9 (plus 2 commits) with 1 player going to 3 camps

Notre Dame: 9 (plus 1 commit)

Nebraska-Omaha: 9 (plus 1 commit)

Denver: 9

Northeastern: 9

Yale: 8 (plus 1 commit)

Michigan Tech: 8

Western Michigan: 8

By conference

Atlantic Hockey:

Drafted: 0

Invited: 9

Just 2014: 6

Total: 9

Big Ten

Drafted: 33

Invited: 18

Just 2014: 45

Total: 51


Drafted: 32

Invited: 45

Just 2014: 72

Total: 77

Hockey East

Drafted: 57

Invited: 31

Just 2014: 81

Total: 88


Drafted: 49

Invited: 21

Just 2014: 64

Total: 70


Drafted: 10

Invited: 20

Just 2014: 28

Total: 30

OVERALL TOTAL: 322 players

2014 TOTAL: 293 players

Drafted TOTAL - 181

Invited TOTAL - 141

Did we miss anyone? Let us know in the comments or tweet either @sbncollegepuck or @gopherstate

Don't forget, we also sorted by NHL teams - this is long enough for one post - so once again, see which colleges are represented for your team there.


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