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2014 Frozen Four: How to Knock Off Boston College

Poised with arguably the most aggressive and talented player in college hockey, the Eagles may just have a loophole in what looks to be a high probably of winning it all.


After throwing together a few statistics and analyzing various statistics using College Hockey Inc's amazing statistical filters, teams may have a way to escape what seems to be an all but guaranteed loss to the Boston College Eagles in this year's Frozen Four.

Going up agianst the Eagles' first line is about as dangerous as navigating Duluth roads after an ice storm... It's going to be tramatic. SBN College Hockey's Evan Sporer wrote an article on the power and talent this line holds not too long ago. But can they be stopped?

Of course.

As a matter of fact, the very first thing Union should be concentrating on is stopping the un-official Hobey Baker Award winner Johnny Gaudreau from finding the back of the net. Here's why...

Throughout the course of the season, Boston College has lost six total games in regulation play. During those six games, Calgary Flames prospect Johnny Gaudreau was unable to find the back of the net. Keep in mind this doesn't count overtime losses, as I noted above these are for games that took a simple 3 periods of play. Take a look at the chart:

Date Opponent Outcome Goals Assists Points
10/10/13 at Michigan L 1-3 0 1 1
10/27/13 at Minnesota L 1-6 0 0 0
11/23/13 at Maine L 1-5 0 1 1
11/29/13 Holy Cross L 4-5 0 1 1
3/14/14 Notre Dame L 2-7 0 1 1
3/16/14 Notre Dame L 2-4 0 0 0
Totals 6 Games L 11-30 0 4 4

So is it really that simple? If Union can keep junior Johnny Gaudreau from getting his 36th goal this season, will they defeat the Eagles and advance to the 2014 National Championship?

Haha, unfortunately not. Although statistics may point in that direction, one and down games don't tend to agree with statistics very well, which makes this tournament so much more exciting.

Don't get me wrong, Rick Bennett will have Union firing on all cylinders. Colin Stevens has played on his head this season, posting a 1.93 goals against average and a .932 save percentage that won't be easy for the Eagles to crack.

The puck drops between #2 Boston College and #3 Union on Thursday, April 10th at 5:00pm ET, the game to kick off the 2014 Frozen Four...

Who you got?