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Gaudreau, Dowd, and Carey Make Up the Hobey Hat Trick

Matt Dewkett

The Hobey Baker committee announced the three finalists that will make up the 'Hobey Hat Trick" for this year's Hobey Baker Award, college hockey's top honor. The winner will be announced a week from this Friday at the Frozen Four in Philadelphia, PA. The three finalists are Boston College's Johnny Gaudreau, St. Cloud State's Nic Dowd, and St. Lawrence's Greg Carey.

It's all but guaranteed that Gaudreau will walk away with the award in Philadelphia. Gaudreau's 77 points is 14 better than linemate Kevin Hayes, who is second in the country in scoring, and 20 points better than Carey, who sits third in national scoring. He was by far the most dominating scorer college hockey has seen in many years, and will be more than deserving when he takes home the award. Gaudreau's accomplishments shouldn't diminish the attention paid to Dowd or Carey, however, who were both outstanding in their own rights and worthy of this recognition as well.