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2014 Frozen Four: National Championship Pre-Game Twitter Buzz

Matt Dewkett

Union and Minnesota will face off in a few hours to decide the national championship. Here's a few stories that have been making the rounds on Twitter.

Odds A few people have been tweeting out the odds at various sports books for tonight's championship game(for entertainment purposes only).

The MGM Grand has Union as a slight favorite.

Bovada has the game as a dead heat

And finally, Vegas has Union has a slight favorite:

Family Affair for Minnesota Minnesota junior forward Seth Ambroz has his Twitter account protected, so no embeds, but on Friday night, Ambroz tweeted out: "Words can't express how thankful I am for the New Prague High School and community to fly out my family for tomorrow's game"

First off, that's awesome gesture by the people of New Prague, a small community south of Minneapolis. Even more notable is that Ambroz only played at New Prague through the ninth grade before heading off to play in the USHL. Shameful as it is, there are some Minnesota high school programs that will basically disown players that don't serve them through their senior season. So it's refreshing to see a community  take an extra step for a player on what is a special evening.

Keeping with the family theme for the Gophers, Justin Holl's dad seems to be enjoying his son's newfound legendary status:

How awesome is it that those .6 shirts already exist? I had absolutely zero preference in the outcome of Thursday's game and I want one of those.

Twitter: Not Always Accurate When the season ends, everybody keeps a close eye on Twitter to see what players are signing pro contracts, and one of the best indicators is usually when a player's teammates start sending him congratulations on the new deal.

So it came as a surprise to many on Saturday morning when nearly everyone on Boston College's team starting tweeting out congratulations to freshman forward Chris Calnan.

Calnan is a third round draft pick of the Chicago Blackhawks so it wasn't exactly far-fetched. But the freshman scored just 13 points in a mostly supporting role for the Blackhawks, so the idea that he was leaving for the BC's surprised many.

What did Calnan have to say about the whole thing?

Turns out is wasn't true. Just an elaborate, and funny prank by teammates. Nicely done, Eagles.