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Frozen Four 2014, Union vs. Minnesota: Live game chat for NCAA hockey championship

The NCAA men's ice hockey championship will be decided on Saturday night. Join SBN College Hockey as we discuss Union vs. Minnesota, live from Philadelphia.

Nathan Wells [10:26 PM]:

Union deserves this one. Congrats to the Dutchmen! RIP EZAC Take II

Antares Hagman [10:24 PM]:

Hello! So I live in AZ and I beleive we are in MST. I can’t figure out the time conversion thing. But it’s 7:24 pm here. When would I expect to see the game on espn if its on at 7:30 ET time?

Chris Dilks [10:22 PM]:

@Andy Johnson Thanks, Andy. It was a really fun year.

Andy Johnson [10:21 PM]:

Congrats to Union. I also wanted to say good job to the SB Nation College Hockey Staff — You guys did a phenomenal job again this year. Thanks!

Chris Dilks [10:19 PM]:

Pretty tough to argue that. Incredible season.

Andy Johnson [10:18 PM]:

Union is the best team in college hockey.

Chris Dilks [10:17 PM]:

Congrats, Union.

Andy Johnson [10:15 PM]:


Evan Sporer [10:14 PM]:


Chris Dilks [10:14 PM]:

Oof. Not your night, Mr. Wilcox.

Andy Johnson [10:11 PM]:

Here we go!

Chris Dilks [10:11 PM]:

Whole new ballgame now.

Chris Dilks [10:10 PM]:

This could be it right here if Union kills this off.

Nathan Wells [10:10 PM]:

Gostisbehere is +5 tonight – Chris has a good point about how a couple things are things he can get away in college, but on the ice for all 5 goals?

Evan Sporer [10:08 PM]:


Andy Johnson [10:08 PM]:

Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Chris Dilks [10:08 PM]:

Evan’s 5-4 Union prediction is looking mighty fine right now.

Chris Dilks [10:05 PM]:

What a play by Gostisbehere. Wonder how gambling like that will play at the pro level.

Andy Johnson [10:05 PM]:


Nathan Wells [10:04 PM]:

By the way, for all the lurkers – and there are TONS of y’all, feel free to join in – we have a bunch of goal posts and GIFs up on the site. Check it out!

Chris Dilks [10:04 PM]:

Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ doesn’t make for a great pep band song.

Nathan Wells [10:03 PM]:

Do you guys think ESPN (and BTN/NBCSN/CBSSN too) should do more to court casual NHL fans by discussing more of the prospects? It’s a question I go back and forth on.

Andy Johnson [10:02 PM]:

And that’s the decision ESPN has to make. College hockey fans are still going to watch even if it’s Melrose.

Chris Dilks [9:59 PM]:

@Andy Johnson Agree to an extent. Starman is way better for people that know college hockey. Not sure he’d do as well with a more casual college hockey audience.

Nathan Wells [9:57 PM]:

Bucci, honestly, is as good as his analyst is. The Michigan-PSU game he did with Starman was great. While I haven’t heard Melrose this year, he’s no Starman.

Andy Johnson [9:56 PM]:

It’s hard to complain too much about the announcers but it’s a shame to have a guy like Dave Starman sitting on the sidelines with Melrose in the booth IMO.

Chris Dilks [9:55 PM]:

@Andy Johnson Not yet.

Andy Johnson [9:54 PM]:

Any clue what Barry Melrose is talking about?

Nathan Wells [9:52 PM]:

Tonight’s attendance is 18,742 with the two-day total officially being 36,053. Legit 18K here

Nathan Wells [9:51 PM]:

Makes three of Union’s four lines scoring. We spoke about depth earlier and the Dutchmen are showing theirs.

Andy Johnson [9:50 PM]:

Relentlessness was the correct word to describe Union. They just keep coming at you.

Nathan Wells [9:49 PM]:

Makes three of Union’s four lines scoring. We spoke about depth earlier and the Dutchmen are showing theirs.

Chris Dilks [9:48 PM]:

That’s a nasty tip by Novak on that goal.

Chris Dilks [9:47 PM]:

Like that.

Chris Dilks [9:45 PM]:

One thing about Union having a one-goal lead….they won’t sit on it. One of the best I saw all year in terms of keeping on the attack, even with a lead.

Andy Johnson [9:42 PM]:

@Chris Dilks I’m guessing those in Grand Forks disgree

Chris Dilks [9:41 PM]:

So everybody that isn’t a Union alum wants to see Minnesota get one here to tie up the game, right?

Nathan Wells [9:38 PM]:

They need to continue to crash the net and not leave Wilcox out to dry Union’s been able to shut down Warning-Rau-Fasching from shooting (Rau is going all out on both ends), which has let the second line lead. Someone needs to be a hero. It just can’t come at the expense of not getting back and letting Union dictate.

Andy Johnson [9:35 PM]:

Nate, you’ve covered the Gophs more than anyone here. What do you think they need to do in the third to come out on top?

Evan Sporer [9:27 PM]:

66* #MathStruggles

Chris Dilks [9:22 PM]:

Wow. 77 shots on goal is way above average for a whole game.

Nathan Wells [9:21 PM]:

Both PKs are on tonight.

Andy Johnson [9:21 PM]:

This third period is going to be bananas

Evan Sporer [9:21 PM]:

77 shots on goal combined through two periods is a decent number…

Chris Dilks [9:19 PM]:

Good power play by Minnesota, but great shot-blocking there from Union.

Chris Dilks [9:16 PM]:

Big PP for Minnesota here.

Nathan Wells [9:14 PM]:

Two of them. Minnesota’s second line has had a lot of momentum this period – that gets dashed by Stevens and another penalty kill.

Chris Dilks [9:13 PM]:

Wilcox didn’t look all that confident making that save on the delayed penalty. He just seems off tonight.

Chris Dilks [9:10 PM]:

Game-changer save by Stevens.

Chris Dilks [9:07 PM]:

@GopherState I saw that. Good line.

Nathan Wells [9:07 PM]:

@chrisdilks Got a chance to speak with Dowd yesterday and asked him what he would have said if he won. His response was along the lines of “I didn’t write a speech. If I won, I’d probably have gone up there, been in shock and had Johnny speak.”

Nathan Wells [9:05 PM]:

It’s too bad Minnesota is using the Flyers locker room. If not, Gostisbehere could just stay there. Not a chance Holmgren lets him leave the building without signing.

Chris Dilks [9:03 PM]:

@GopherState He’s exciting, for sure. I love what guys like Dowd and Dzingel bring though. Still a very tough choice for me.

Nathan Wells [9:01 PM]:

@chrisdilks Wasn’t on the Gostisbehere for Hobey Hat Trick train earlier. May have to change my mind after the last game and a half. He’s phemomenal

Chris Dilks [9:00 PM]:

Reilly atoned for a couple mistakes in the first period there. Possibly saved a goal.

Andy Johnson [8:58 PM]:

Watched about 7-8 periods of him last week at nationals. Very dynamic little guy but the size is a tad concerning. Outstanding puck skills though. He’s a wizard with the puck on his blade.

Chris Dilks [8:57 PM]:

@Andy Johnson Have you seen him play?

Andy Johnson [8:57 PM]:

In more non-Frozen Four news Chicago Mission (99-born) waterbug Sean Dhooghe just committed to Ohio State. His older brother is also committed to the Buckeyes.

Chris Dilks [8:55 PM]:

@GopherState Gostisbehere really helps with that.

Nathan Wells [8:55 PM]:

Haven’t seen a team be able to enter the zone so easily against Minnesota this year like Union is.

Chris Dilks [8:53 PM]:

Buccigross said New Prague like the city in Czech Republic. Massive fail.

Jeff Cox [8:50 PM]: Full Recap of the first period scoring shenanigans

Chris Dilks [8:50 PM]:

@Andy Johnson I care. Nice pick-up.

Chris Dilks [8:49 PM]:

I really wish Matt and Kim weren’t trying to sell me a Buick at every commercial break

Andy Johnson [8:49 PM]:

If anyone cares Rogers (Minn) defenseman Matt Hellickson just committed to playing at the NTDP next season. Now back to your regularly scheduled programing.

Chris Dilks [8:44 PM]:

Anybody want to place a bet on what Buccigross will call the ____est ____ in college hockey ALL YEAR next?

Nathan Wells [8:44 PM]:

This game is going full “Oprah”

Chris Dilks [8:42 PM]:

Gritty goal from Taylor Cammarata….sure, why not?

Evan Sporer [8:42 PM]:

Remember goals? Only takes Minnesota 1:13 to cut its deficit to 1. Cammarata on the tally. Buckle up

Chris Dilks [8:40 PM]:

Didn’t see the number. I’m counting nine for Gostisbehere though.

Andy Johnson [8:39 PM]:

@Chris Dilks How many total shots attempted?

Chris Dilks [8:38 PM]:

I don’t think I’ve seen a shot chart all year as full as Union’s was that period.

Chris Dilks [8:33 PM]:

Honestly, it had been a really boring NCAA tournament leading up to the Frozen Four, but the three games here have been incredible.

Chris Dilks [8:24 PM]:

@Evan Sporer Relentless is exactly the way I’d describe them.

Chris Dilks [8:24 PM]:

Duluth jumped out 3-0 on Minnesota in that one game they beat them, but otherwise, yeah, nobody has done this to Minnesota.

Evan Sporer [8:23 PM]:

Union is the best team in college hockey. Absolutely relentless, and fantastic when it plays to its system.

Andy Johnson [8:22 PM]:

I don’t think I’ve seen a team take it to Minnesota like that all season. Even when Wisconsin swept them they didn’t put up pressure like that.

Evan Sporer [8:21 PM]:

Liking my 5-4 Union prediction right now…

Chris Dilks [8:21 PM]:

I’ll take two more periods of that, please.

Andy Johnson [8:20 PM]:


Chris Dilks [8:20 PM]:

Under was 5.5, right?

Chris Dilks [8:20 PM]:

You’ve already lost

Andy Johnson [8:19 PM]:

So, betting on the under was a bad idea I guess?

Nathan Wells [8:15 PM]:

Well that escalated quickly

Evan Sporer [8:14 PM]:

Travis Hughes [8:13 PM]:

I didnt even have time to make the dang 3-2 scoreboard. cmon Union

Andy Johnson [8:13 PM]:


Travis Hughes [8:13 PM]:

1st period 2:57
Minnesota 2

Chris Dilks [8:13 PM]:

Wow. I can’t believe what Union is doing to Minnesota.

Chris Dilks [8:12 PM]:

Not that moving a kid like Lichtenwald is an easy thing to do.

Chris Dilks [8:11 PM]:

Might want to start moving guys out from the front your net, Minnesota.

Evan Sporer [8:09 PM]:

Wilcox made a great save on Carr. Moves laterally so well. Minnesota needs to clear out that net-front.

Chris Dilks [8:09 PM]:

I think Rau made a pretty nice save there too, but didn’t control his rebound.

Evan Sporer [8:08 PM]:

Wilcox made some unreal saves in that sequence. Minnesota was praying for a whistle it never got. Great persistence from Vecchione.

Travis Hughes [8:08 PM]:

1st period 4:51
Union 2
Minnesota 2

Andy Johnson [8:08 PM]:

Someone get Wilcox some help, my goodness.

Travis Hughes [8:07 PM]:

Ok so maybe Union heard me

Nathan Wells [8:07 PM]:

I don’t know how…never mind. 2-2 game. Union sustained some great pressure on that attack. Mike Vecchione with the goal

Chris Dilks [8:07 PM]:


Travis Hughes [8:05 PM]:

Minnesota just seems on another level offensively right now. Union’s only really had pressure on the PP aside from the goal

Chris Dilks [8:01 PM]:

I still think that’s a save Wilcox should make.

Evan Sporer [8:00 PM]:

Ehh, Wilcox had no chance at that Gostisbehere shot. Stevens on the other hand has looked quite shaky.

Nathan Wells [8:00 PM]:

Minnesota’s swarming the net and it’s paying off so far.

Andy Johnson [7:58 PM]:

Goaltending has left quite a bit to be desired through 10 minutes…

Travis Hughes [7:57 PM]:

1st Period 9:57
Union 1
Minnesota 2

Travis Hughes [7:55 PM]:

1st period 10:32
Union 1
Minnesota 1

Evan Sporer [7:55 PM]:

Shayne Gostisbehere is proficient at hockey. 1-1 game folks, we’ve got ourselves a good one.

Nathan Wells [7:55 PM]:

That was nice

Travis Hughes [7:55 PM]:

So he got that one on net.

Chris Dilks [7:55 PM]:

Sam Brittain stops that shot.

Andy Johnson [7:55 PM]:


Evan Sporer [7:53 PM]:

And there’s really something to be said about just getting the shot through. Sure, you want it on net, but it doesn’t disrupt the PP, and doesn’t send the other team on a shorthanded chance from the point.

Travis Hughes [7:51 PM]:

@GopherState Flyers D loooooooove to use those boards on that end to create chances. They’re bouncy as hell

Chris Dilks [7:50 PM]:

Also good job by Gopher PK to take away shooting lanes to the net.

Evan Sporer [7:49 PM]:

He did, took 5 shots, 1 got blocked, BUT, what’s underrated about that was he got 4 through and down low. Created secondary chances.

Nathan Wells [7:49 PM]:

He has a slapper. Boards here are insane too.

Andy Johnson [7:48 PM]:

I think Gostisbehere missed the net four different times on that PP

Chris Dilks [7:46 PM]:

Great chances for Union there.

Chris Dilks [7:45 PM]:

@GopherState Much tougher against the Gophers. BC was essentially a one-line team. Gophers can hurt you from anywhere in the line-up.

Chris Dilks [7:44 PM]:

Someone should tell Barry there’s an NHL-size sheet literally 20 feet from the Gophers’ normal rink.

Nathan Wells [7:43 PM]:

Similar start for Union as Thursday. Let’s see how they respond.

Chris Dilks [7:42 PM]:

By the way, for all the lurkers here, here’s Nate’s (very not recommended) Frozen Four drinking game:

Nathan Wells [7:41 PM]:

I got chills after that Rouser. /Homer

Travis Hughes [7:41 PM]:

1st Period 17:23
Union 0
Minnesota 1

Evan Sporer [7:41 PM]:

Really bad rebound control from Stevens, and Kloos scores an easy one in front. 1-0 Minnesota early

Chris Dilks [7:41 PM]:

Oops. Tough break for Union there.

Andy Johnson [7:40 PM]:

Two, “Gostisbehere, Flyers draft pick” calls in the first 2 minutes of the game. I’m going to die tonight at this rate guys.

Nathan Wells [7:37 PM]:

Saw 2 or 3 wandering around. And Skjei gets called 19 seconds in for roughing.

Chris Dilks [7:37 PM]:

Dumb penalty by Skjei. No need to hit him that high like that.

Evan Sporer [7:37 PM]:

19 seconds in, and Minnesota is shorthanded. Skjei off for roughin

Chris Dilks [7:36 PM]:

First .6 t-shirt seen in the crowd.

Chris Dilks [7:36 PM]:

Game on.

Chris Dilks [7:35 PM]:

By the way, Mat Bodie is first team on my All-Names-from-The-Wire team.

Nathan Wells [7:32 PM]:

It’s loud in here. Building is probably 90% full with 4 minutes until puck drop.

Chris Dilks [7:32 PM]:

That was a pretty cool opening by ESPN

Evan Sporer [7:31 PM]:

Wow. A great showing from Union fans. They are LOUD right now.

Chris Dilks [7:28 PM]:

Frozen Four is always a good reminder of how de-sensitized I’ve become to skating cheerleaders.

Nathan Wells [7:28 PM]:

There’s a sizable Gopher contingent down in my end.

Evan Sporer [7:27 PM]:

5-4 Union, which probably means 2-1 Minnesota.

Chris Dilks [7:27 PM]:

I’ll take 4-2 Minnesota.

Andy Johnson [7:26 PM]:

3-1 Union (en.)

Evan Sporer [7:26 PM]:

For sure a pro-Union crowd.

Nathan Wells [7:26 PM]:

Teams are out. 9:30 to game time! Who does everyone have?

Nathan Wells [7:26 PM]:

Loud “Let’s Go Union” chant. Guessing the Dutchmen bandwagon picked up a lot of Kelly Green wearing fans.

Chris Dilks [7:26 PM]:

I suppose the pool is kind of limited with many officials doing NCHC/B1G/WCHA games this year.

Chris Dilks [7:23 PM]:

Hockey East officials tonight. Because they had such a great year…

Chris Dilks [7:21 PM]:

Carr-Vecchione-Ciampini-Bodie-Gingras for Union

Nathan Wells [7:20 PM]:

Can’t hear Union’s starters other than Colin Stevens

Nathan Wells [7:19 PM]:

15 minutes from puck drop. Gophers starting Warning-Rau-Fasching, Skjei-Holl and Wilcox (obviously)

Evan Sporer [7:00 PM]:

Teams just hit the ice for warmups. Stevens in goal for Union; Wilcox for Minnesota. No changes for either lineup, as expected.

Chris Dilks [6:45 PM]:

I really hope tonight lives up to Thursday. It’s nice to see the two best teams playing for the title.

Evan Sporer [6:44 PM]:

This is really going to be a phenomenal hockey game if Thursday was any indication of what we’ll see tonight…

Chris Dilks [6:38 PM]:

OK, how do you not cheer for Seth Ambroz now: