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Frozen Four 2014: Live chat for Boston College vs. Union, North Dakota vs. Minnesota

The 2014 Frozen Four is here. Join SBN College Hockey, live from Philadelphia, as we cover Thursday's semifinal games live from Philadelphia. For the day's schedule, click here.

Matt Dewkett / SB Nation

Union advances to title game; ND vs. Minnesota underway

Travis Hughes [11:27 PM]:

Travis Hughes [11:26 PM]:

Instagram links dont work … ok. try again.

Travis Hughes [11:26 PM]:

So here’s the game winning goal, from the crowd. thughes721

Matt Christians [11:14 PM]:

That was such a great ending. Thanks Chris for having us!

Chris Dilks [11:12 PM]:

Thanks to everyone that participated in/watched this chat. Uh, I think we got our money’s worth tonight.

Chris Dilks [11:09 PM]:

Wow. I really wanted OT, but you can’t beat an ending like that.

Brown and Gold [11:08 PM]:

How do you even skate out there if you’re North Dakota?

Brown and Gold [11:07 PM]:

Wait, his first goal of the season is the Frozen Four game-winner? DAFUQ?

Andy Johnson [11:06 PM]:


Chris Dilks [11:06 PM]:

.6 seconds left in Dave Hakstol’s career.

Andy Johnson [11:06 PM]:

NO way

Matt Christians [11:05 PM]:


Brown and Gold [11:05 PM]:

No way.

Chris Dilks [11:05 PM]:


Matt Christians [11:05 PM]:

Oh gosh, this feeling doesn’t even come close to 2011 :D

Matt Christians [11:04 PM]:

I love hockey i love hockey i love hockey

Chris Dilks [11:04 PM]:

@Andy Johnson Me too, and I don’t even care who wins.

Andy Johnson [11:04 PM]:

I’m nervous you guys

Matt Christians [11:01 PM]:

Wait, I didn’t get that camera view in my room.

Brown and Gold [11:01 PM]:

Odds both teams score here in the last 100 seconds? Just because of the craziness, I’ll put it at 3-1

Andy Johnson [11:00 PM]:

Ohhhh my Kyle Rau.

Matt Christians [11:00 PM]:

Wow I disagree with that one.

Nathan Wells [10:53 PM]:

Too bad. I had the “Sam Warning getting revenge for the 2007 Frozen Four” angle all sewn up.

Chris Dilks [10:53 PM]:

If North Dakota wins, I’d really rather Dave Hakstol and Rick Bennett just fight each other for the title.

Andy Johnson [10:52 PM]:

4 on 2 and Condon dumps the puck in the corner. He’s from Wisconsin.

Chris Dilks [10:51 PM]:

To be fair, there was no way this game was going to be won on a goal by a guy from St. Louis.

Nathan Wells [10:50 PM]:

@AndyJohnson Nothing says “folk hero” like 3rd line Division 1 hockey player from Edina.

Nathan Wells [10:50 PM]:

It’s something with #24. Budish was good at that too.

Chris Dilks [10:47 PM]:

BTW, if you got an assist for drawing a defenseman to you while a teammate swooped in to score, Hudson Fasching would have like 100 assists.

Andy Johnson [10:47 PM]:

Connor Gaarder has folk hero written all over him

Nathan Wells [10:47 PM]:

Crazy game is crazy. Every punch is countered, every victory matched.

Brown and Gold [10:47 PM]:


Matt Christians [10:46 PM]:

@Brown and Gold We still just might!

Chris Dilks [10:46 PM]:

@Brown and Gold It was definitely starting to feel like that.

Matt Christians [10:46 PM]:


Chris Dilks [10:45 PM]:


Brown and Gold [10:45 PM]:

Damn, just as I was about to say “We’re goin to Quintuple OT to decide a 1-0 game, aren’t we?”

Chris Dilks [10:44 PM]:

Can we fire Hakstol yet?

Chris Dilks [10:44 PM]:

Kyle Rau: always making things happen.

Matt Christians [10:44 PM]:


Chris Dilks [10:43 PM]:

@Andy Johnson Same here.

Andy Johnson [10:41 PM]:

@NathanWells I’m curious to see if Guentzel goes for the CC job.

Andy Johnson [10:40 PM]:

@ChrisDilks caughdavidfischercaugh

Andy Johnson [10:39 PM]:

You get my point though. Obviously day-to-day we know they are great but nationally everyone talks about Minnesota’s offense, Minnesota’s freshmen and Adam Wilcox. The defense is great but rarely mentioned it feels like.

Chris Dilks [10:39 PM]:

But they’ve had some high draft picks before and looked awful. These guys play up to their high accolades.

Nathan Wells [10:39 PM]:

Same goes with the job Mike Guentzel has done developing Minnesota’s blue line.

Nathan Wells [10:38 PM]:

I keep saying it Andy, but yes.

Chris Dilks [10:38 PM]:

As underated as a 1st round draft pick, and 2nd round draft pick, a 3rd round draft, a 5th round pick, and a 7th round pick can be.

Andy Johnson [10:36 PM]:

Minnesota’s defensemen might be the most underrated group of hockey players in the country.

Chris Dilks [10:30 PM]:

What a shame it was these two teams played conference tournament games 10 miles apart in half-full arenas.

Andy Johnson [10:26 PM]:

I feel like the Ambroz line has to step up if the Gophers want to win. They were great in the Minnesota games I watched. Although, Ambroz kills the Badgers. That group sets the physical tone. If they bang bodies in the offenzive zone and sustain pressure it’s ignited the team in games I’ve watched.

Chris Dilks [10:24 PM]:

I don’t think they open it up too much. Might be content to wait until they get a PP and hope to capitalize there.

Evan Sporer [10:24 PM]:

Think both teams aren’t going to deviate too much. Kind of waiting for the other to budge.

Andy Johnson [10:22 PM]:

Do you guys think Minnestoa opens up the offense in the third? Kind of conservative both ways right now.

Chris Dilks [10:20 PM]:

Yeah, I’m guessing you don’t want to do that.

Andy Johnson [10:19 PM]:

I have a pretty funny Pattyn story I wish I could tell here.

Chris Dilks [10:11 PM]:

Weird that this dynamic offensive talent Stephane Pattyn that Dave Starman talked about earlier hasn’t scored though.

Travis Hughes [10:11 PM]:

Somehow, PSU vs. Vermont had higher announced attendance at the Wells Fargo Center in October than we have for the national dang semifinals

Chris Dilks [10:10 PM]:

These guys could play scoreless all night for all I care.

Chris Dilks [10:09 PM]:

Always a little Stalock in Wilcox.

Andy Johnson [10:04 PM]:

North Dakota drinking jokes will never not be funny here

Chris Dilks [10:01 PM]:

Drake Caggiula’s biggest flub since that RA asked him if he was okay.

Nathan Wells [10:00 PM]:

Saw the replay – Caggiula whiffed

Nathan Wells [10:00 PM]:

If you go along the lines of physicality and old time hockey, yes. Defensively, wouldn’t count on Wilcoxhowdidthatnotgoin?

Chris Dilks [9:59 PM]:

How did that not go in?

Nathan Wells [9:59 PM]:

Tonight’s paid attendance – 17,311. Not even a paid sellout.

Andy Johnson [9:56 PM]:

Old time hockey

Matt Christians [9:56 PM]:

Note that Gothberg didn’t flinch when his cap came off… Literally played like nothing happened. Dang.

Chris Dilks [9:54 PM]:

The longer it goes scoreless, the more it favors the underdog, definitely.

Andy Johnson [9:53 PM]:

When I say that, I mean low scoring, tight defense. Obviously the best way UND wins this one.

Andy Johnson [9:53 PM]:

Anyone else get the feel this game is playing better to North Dakota right now?

Chris Dilks [9:51 PM]:

@Andy Johnson Why?

Andy Johnson [9:49 PM]:

Eye will never forget Roman.

Nathan Wells [9:48 PM]:

Jason Gonzalez is the Gopher beat writer for the Strib now. Last year was Russo during the NHL Lockout, which as someone trying to learn to be a better reporter was amazing, and then Rachel Blount (which was also great).

Andy Johnson [9:47 PM]:

I don’t think so regularly but a lot of times these newspapers send a few writers. Wouldn’t have been a surprise for the Strib to send him along given his history.

Nathan Wells [9:47 PM]:

No, he hasn’t covered for the better part of two seasons

Chris Dilks [9:46 PM]:

Does Roman still cover Gopher hockey?

Andy Johnson [9:45 PM]:

Hey Nate, did Roman make the trip?

Chris Dilks [9:45 PM]:

Low panic point by Zane Gothberg there. Great poise, always makes himself big to the shooter.

Nathan Wells [9:41 PM]:

Hey lurkers – feel free to ask a question or two. We won’t bite.

Matt Christians [9:40 PM]:

@Evan Sporer so that’s what happened to Saunders.

Chris Dilks [9:39 PM]:

@Matt Christians I took a box of Mike and Ike’s home for a little hair of the dog.

Chris Dilks [9:38 PM]:

@Matt Christians Yeah, that was the biggest thing the NCHC/Target Center had going for it.

Andy Johnson [9:38 PM]:

I heard a rumor they had loads of free swedish fish in the press box in Philly this weekend

Nathan Wells [9:38 PM]:

Agree with Evan. Chris- There are Swedish fish in the press box. They are delicious.

Matt Christians [9:38 PM]:

I only took 5 boxes

Matt Christians [9:38 PM]:

Chris we had skittles and Mike & Ikes…

Evan Sporer [9:37 PM]:

Goaltending is so key in short tournament settings, and although Wilcox will get all the attention (deservedly) Zane Gothberg is a world’s better than when he showed up at North Dakota.

Chris Dilks [9:37 PM]:

Wait….what is this about Swedish fish?

Andy Johnson [9:35 PM]:

No shot charts? At least you guys get swedish fish. Pretty much cancels that right out.

Chris Dilks [9:35 PM]:

They even managed to get us those at Ford Field.

Chris Dilks [9:34 PM]:

Wow, seriously no shot charts?

Nathan Wells [9:33 PM]:

No shot charts this weekend. Guess 7 or 8, though

Chris Dilks [9:29 PM]:

Awesome shout out to Louie Facca on the ESPN broadcast.

Chris Dilks [9:27 PM]:

Anybody with a shot chart: How many of UND’s 12 shots were from the perimeter that period?

Nathan Wells [9:18 PM]:

And the score is 0-0 after 1. Shots 12-9 North Dakota

Nathan Wells [9:17 PM]:

Agree with @chrisdilks on Skjei. He’s made huge leaps and bounds this season. Even in the past month or so, Skjei has been a better two-way defenseman. Thought he and Holl are playing well tonight. Pair has blocked a ton of shots.

Chris Dilks [9:15 PM]:

@Evan Sporer Much improved from last year. Last year, he was all over the ice, and often out of position. Much more poised and controlled this year and much better at using his enormous talent.

Chris Dilks [9:14 PM]:

Colten St. Clair first committed to Colorado College on October 22, 2007.

Evan Sporer [9:14 PM]:

Thoughts on Brady Skjei?

Matt Christians [9:14 PM]:

Bucci says thats one of Wilcox’s best saves, but I’ve seen a helluva lot of fantastic saves from that kid.

Andy Johnson [9:13 PM]:

Who is this guy in net for the Gophs?!

Nathan Wells [9:13 PM]:

1) Give Wilcox the Mike Richter Award. 2) Colten St. Clair is a sophomore? He’s been around since I was a college sophomore!

Matt Christians [9:12 PM]:

That no name goalie just stood on his head, eh?

Chris Dilks [9:11 PM]:

I feel like the jersey pop has gone the way of the black Tuuk.

Andy Johnson [9:10 PM]:

Over/Under on the number of “jersey pops” tonight? 1.5

Nathan Wells [9:08 PM]:

Have a few remaining Union ones if the booing of RPI’s Jim Knowlton is any indication.

Travis Hughes [9:06 PM]:

@GopherState same as last game, basically. pretty clear that BC fans are already at the airport

Nathan Wells [9:06 PM]:

I’d guess 14-15K fans

Nathan Wells [9:06 PM]:

Crowd is okay although there are plenty of empty spots. The upper deck sections behind both nets are maybe 5-10 rows full.

Chris Dilks [9:02 PM]:

If you get a chance at hitting Kyle Rau, you don’t pass it up. Even if a teammate is already hitting him.

Chris Dilks [9:01 PM]:

How does the crowd look for this one, for those of you that are there?

Nathan Wells [8:56 PM]:

Gophers are starting to find ways to wear down the forecheck. UND hasn’t been the same since a shift by the second line 3 minutes ago

Nathan Wells [8:54 PM]:

Yeah Chris, for some reason it’s all about the great college puck analysis…and how many times each song gets played!

Chris Dilks [8:53 PM]:

Minnesota was incredible against SCSU’s forecheck. The physicality of UND might be tougher for them to deal with.

Matt Christians [8:52 PM]:

Who scores first?

Chris Dilks [8:51 PM]:

Weirdest niche ever, Nate.

Nathan Wells [8:51 PM]:

Game-wise UND’s forecheck has given Minnesota some problems early

Nathan Wells [8:50 PM]:

My @mentions are insane

Andy Johnson [8:49 PM]:

Timber! #Nate

Chris Dilks [8:48 PM]:

Rocco is really fun to watch. Just wish those chances turned into goals more often.

Matt Christians [8:44 PM]:

Grimaldi is such a fun player to watch. Small and quick.

Nathan Wells [8:42 PM]:

Andy that better happen

Chris Dilks [8:41 PM]:

I think they both look nice. Their record is insane in the black jerseys though.

Andy Johnson [8:40 PM]:

If North Dakota is losing after the second period and they don’t come out for the third in all black I have no more faith in the universe. #MightyDucksThoughts

Nathan Wells [8:40 PM]:

Controversial opinion, but I like the green no logos better than than the black no logos

Matt Christians [8:39 PM]:

Yeah I have no idea who’s net for the Gophers… Some no-name ;)

Matt Christians [8:39 PM]:

I love the all black.

Chris Dilks [8:37 PM]:

Still don’t get why North Dakota didn’t go all black tonight.

Travis Hughes [8:37 PM]:

Playing hockey again! ND and Minnesota underway

Chris Dilks [8:37 PM]:

Game on.

Chris Dilks [8:26 PM]:


Andy Johnson [8:26 PM]:

Didn’t get a chance to catch the line charts, anone know who is starting in goal for the Gophers?

Chris Dilks [8:16 PM]:

Mike Brodzinski is in for Minnesota tonight, after missing the regionals due to some iffy healthy. Big boost to Minnesota offense from the blue line.

Chris Dilks [8:14 PM]:

If you’re lurking and waiting for the next game to start, Nate Wells had a great read on the Minnesota-UND rivalry:

Chris Dilks [8:13 PM]:

I predicted Minnesota. But I think I’ve also been wrong on every prediction I’ve made in this tournament.

Andy Johnson [8:12 PM]:

Hopefully it’s at least a good hockey game. Did you guys make any predictions at all? I’ll take the “upset” with North Dakota. I have a feeling Minnesota is going to come out playing tight for some reason.

Matt Christians [8:10 PM]:

I’ll go ahead and third that feeling.

Chris Dilks [8:06 PM]:

I know the feeling, Andy.

Andy Johnson [7:58 PM]:

Hey guys. I’m going to need a whiskey (or 2) to get through this next game. Bye.

Chris Dilks [7:48 PM]:

Next up: A rivalry so big, they had to play it in a city that is accustomed to seeing felonies committed at sporting events.

Travis Hughes [7:37 PM]:

What a game.

Chris Dilks [7:36 PM]:

That was a fun game.

Chris Dilks [7:36 PM]:


Chris Dilks [7:34 PM]:

I don’t think you automatically give up possession for the power play there, since you still get a PP if you score.

Matt Christians [7:30 PM]:


Chris Dilks [7:30 PM]:

TV didn’t show a great view. What were the BC defensemen doing there?

Chris Dilks [7:29 PM]:


Chris Dilks [7:29 PM]:

Still 1:45 left for BC to tie it.

Chris Dilks [7:28 PM]:

Uh oh…

Chris Dilks [7:26 PM]:

I feel like playing for Rick Bennett would be frightening.

Nathan Wells [7:19 PM]:

Chris Vasaturo tying up and pushing Matt Gaudreau out of the way sums up the third period well for Union and BC

Chris Dilks [7:16 PM]:

Little bit of superstition with those blacks too though.

Nathan Wells [7:15 PM]:

Might be superstition after the Midwest Regional

Chris Dilks [7:13 PM]:

Whoa. I cannot believe UND isn’t breaking out the black jerseys tonight.

Chris Dilks [7:07 PM]:

I think BC probably has another push in them if they don’t score. Could be it for Union if they give up 1+ though.

Nathan Wells [7:06 PM]:

What do y’all think – is this the game here in a nutshell?

Evan Sporer [7:06 PM]:

Sit was turning. Tough play for Hatch. But he has to pull up once he sees the numbers.

Chris Dilks [7:05 PM]:

I mean……why would you do that?

Chris Dilks [7:03 PM]:

Ciampini definitely got a piece of Gostisbehere’s shot there to tip it past Demko.

Chris Dilks [7:01 PM]:

Gaudreau almost scored by stealing Gostisbehere’s fake slap shot move.

Chris Dilks [6:57 PM]:

Buccigross tried to improv by saying senior Patrick Brown was “the older player” when battling freshman Eli Lichtenwald. Technically he’s right, but Brown is only 11 days older.

Evan Sporer [6:57 PM]:

This third period has all the makings to become one of the best games in college hockey of the season.

Chris Dilks [6:44 PM]:

Man, I really like Dave Starman, but going over-the-top with the NCHC love is unbecoming.

Chris Dilks [6:37 PM]:

Really good game through two periods. BC top line wins round 1. Union depth wins round 2.

Nathan Wells [6:32 PM]:

Since Union’s goal – nearly an 8 minute span – Boston College has outshot the Dutchmen 10-3

Travis Hughes [6:28 PM]:

Travis Hughes [6:28 PM]:

@Matt Christians how about this

Evan Sporer [6:27 PM]:

Santini really not known for his offense. BC got a big goal against Lowell in their regional final from McCoshen. Defensemen stepping up for Eagles.

Chris Dilks [6:27 PM]:

Beauty of a shot from a guy who isn’t known for his offense.

Travis Hughes [6:26 PM]:

That shot from Santini was a nice answer on Bodie’s from earlier, eh? 2-2 now

Matt Christians [6:24 PM]:

@Travis Hughes it won’t let me view it :/

Travis Hughes [6:22 PM]:

Here’s a sense of the crowd size, if anybody is interested thughes721

Evan Sporer [6:22 PM]:

Hasn’t held BC back this season (top scoring team in the nation) but no one is generating anything outside of 13-24-12

Travis Hughes [6:21 PM]:

Feels like Union’s rolling four lines right now while BC rolls one.

Nathan Wells [6:19 PM]:

He’d probably like both back

Chris Dilks [6:19 PM]:

That’s one Demko would like back.

Chris Dilks [6:17 PM]:

Evan’s right that he’ll probably get a contract. AHL might be his long-term upside though.

Chris Dilks [6:16 PM]:

Bodie’s big issue is that he’s not very big, and doesn’t skate as well as Gostisbehere to make up for it.

Evan Sporer [6:09 PM]:

I mean, he’ll definitely sign. Really good shot, and he gets it to the net. Also a smart player who knows where to go and when.

Travis Hughes [6:08 PM]:

So let’s talk about Mat Bodie’s NHL chances

Jeff Cox [6:08 PM]:

Union picking up the pace, pushing it some. Up and down action.

Chris Dilks [6:07 PM]:

Interesting that Union paired Bodie and Gostisbehere this period. Tells you what they think of BC’s top line, and the rest of their lineup.

Evan Sporer [6:04 PM]:

Union already pushing the pace and reaping the benefits. Great net-drive from Vecchione that stretched BC. Eagles never rebounded and spaced the zone to defend that chance. Tie game.

Travis Hughes [6:03 PM]:

Sick shot from Bodie

Evan Sporer [5:57 PM]:

Really think Union is going to try to up the tempo in the 2nd. A pretty slow period by the Dutchmen’s standards.

Travis Hughes [5:44 PM]:

@Evan Sporer maybe it’s because I’m downstairs and close to the play but that late period stretch felt NHL-y to me. Definitely opened up a bit

Chris Dilks [5:39 PM]:

Gingras almost had his head removed if that BC player had landed his check.

Chris Dilks [5:38 PM]:

It still feels like Union’s got an edge when Gaudreau-Hayes-Arnold aren’t out there.

Evan Sporer [5:37 PM]:

I’d say both teams are even playing fairly conservatively right now. Maybe still feeling each other out. Could see a high-flying middle frame.

Travis Hughes [5:32 PM]:

Evan said this game would have an NHL-like pace. Feels that way right now

Nathan Wells [5:29 PM]:

Agree Chris. BC has had a pretty easy kill both times. Little passing, Demko wasn’t tested.

Matt Christians [5:29 PM]:

So far we’ve seen a few launching dives at pucks by Eagles to get out of possibly dangerous situations. Potential game changers in the long run?

Chris Dilks [5:28 PM]:

One thing Union doesn’t have is a lot of elite offensive skill, which shows on the power play. Both have looked pretty ugly.

Nathan Wells [5:27 PM]:

2. None yet

Nathan Wells [5:26 PM]:

1. Lot of empty seats down low, upper deck (especially on my side) is full with 65% red/maroon, 25% green and 10% others

Matt Christians [5:26 PM]:

Carr about scored on his own net!

Matt Christians [5:25 PM]:

Nate – Two questions… 1. Give me your pie chart of colors in the stands – 2. Don’t Stop the Party count?

Nathan Wells [5:24 PM]:

Okay now BC penalty coming up.

Matt Christians [5:24 PM]:

Scoring 33 times during 137 attempts, Boston College’s 24.1% power play is pretty dang lethal. Just look at the guys on the ice.

Nathan Wells [5:22 PM]:

Or BC power play – they’re similar, right?

Nathan Wells [5:21 PM]:

BC penalty coming up

Chris Dilks [5:21 PM]:

Team that scores first has won 80% of the time in the last five NCAA tournaments. 55% of the time, they lead wire-to-wire.

Matt Christians [5:20 PM]:

Johnny Gaudeau already scored. When he scores, they’ve never lost in regulation. There was that one OT loss, though.

Chris Dilks [5:18 PM]:

Pretty much what I expected. Can Union’s bottom three lines outscore BC’s top line. Early returns: No.

Jeff Cox [5:17 PM]:

100% Gostisbehere should have been in Hobey Hat Trick.

Jeff Cox [5:17 PM]:

Not a good power play for Union.

Jeff Cox [5:17 PM]:

First TV timeout with 13:41 to play in 1st per. Union couldn’t convert on PP and Eagles remain ahead 1-0.

Travis Hughes [5:17 PM]:

Couple pucks bounced on Union in near the net there

Matt Christians [5:16 PM]:

So many quality chances for Union there. Hot damn.

Nathan Wells [5:15 PM]:

Gaudreau diving to try to clear a PK…give the man the Hobey already

Travis Hughes [5:13 PM]:

Power play for Union

Evan Sporer [5:12 PM]:

Going to be a reallllyyy long night for Union if they stand up against BC’s top line like that. Hayes danced around a pair of Dutchmen to set up the 2-on-1 down low.

Jeff Cox [5:10 PM]:

Johnny Gaudreau and Kevin Hayes connect on a 2×1. Hayes walked in, initial shot saved, knocked home by Gaudreau.

Nathan Wells [5:10 PM]:

Johnny Gaudreau being in front of the net and no one getting a body – bad recipe for Union. 1-0 BC

Travis Hughes [5:10 PM]:

1st Period 17:52
Union 0
Johnny Gaudreau 1

Chris Dilks [5:09 PM]:

Great read by Gostisbehere to jump up at the BC blue line and stop that BC rush before it even started. One of those things that only he can do.

Jeff Cox [5:07 PM]:

Union gets the first two shots on goal of the game.

Travis Hughes [5:06 PM]:

1st Period 20:00
Union 0
Boston College 0

Travis Hughes [5:05 PM]:

@Chris Dilks good call. it’s probably Minnesota’s section

Chris Dilks [5:05 PM]:

Is that a North Dakota or Minnesota section?

Travis Hughes [5:04 PM]:

hi Nate!

Travis Hughes [5:04 PM]:

So many empty seats… there’s a whole lower level section that’s nearly empty

Nathan Wells [5:04 PM]:

Wait I read this from top of bottom. Whoops. But hello everyone!

Nathan Wells [5:02 PM]:


Jeff Cox [4:59 PM]:

Most of the “neutral” fans will be Union fans

Evan Sporer [4:57 PM]:

Judging by crowd noise, I’d say there’s more Union than Boston College fans.

Travis Hughes [4:53 PM]:

Travis Hughes [4:53 PM]:

About 10 minutes from puck drop on BC-Union

Evan Sporer [4:43 PM]:

This first semifinal features the top two scoring offenses in the nation: BC comes in at #1 with 4.1 goals per game, with Union right behind them at 3.7.

Travis Hughes [4:42 PM]:

I’m interested to see how Philly receives this Frozen Four …. obviously a big hockey town, but little-to-no college hockey presence here at all. At least Pittsburgh has Robert Morris.

Chris Dilks [4:42 PM]:

Everybody was behind Gaudreau. I thought there were five guys(Dowd, Carey, Gostisbehere, Archibald, Dzingel) all worthy of those other two spots. No real issue with the two they picked.

Travis Hughes [4:41 PM]:

Warmup 20:00
Union College 0
Boston College 0

Evan Sporer [4:40 PM]:

No question. Pretty big snub, although the other two candidates are pretty much a formality: Gaudreau will be handed this award tomorrow.

Travis Hughes [4:39 PM]:

@Chris Dilks @Evan Sporer you guys think Gostisbehere should’ve been in the Hobey Hat Trick?

Chris Dilks [4:39 PM]:

Gostisbehere gets a lot more hype, and rightfully so since he’s a better pro prospect, but Mat Bodie is a really good college hockey player. Probably Union’s most reliable guy.

Evan Sporer [4:35 PM]:

For Union: Shayne Gostisbehere, the Flyers defensive prospect, is the top blue liner in all of college hockey. Daniel Carr is a senior forward with an NHL-caliber shot. A lot of players on Union can really rip the puck.

Evan Sporer [4:34 PM]:

Players to watch on BC: The Eagles’ top line of Johnny Gaudreau, Kevin Hayes, and Bill Arnold is the top line in the nation, and the best line in college hockey in quite some time. Gaudreau will be winning the Hobey Baker award tomorrow…

Jeff Cox [4:34 PM]:

We are 32 minutes away from puck drop here in Philly.

Evan Sporer [4:33 PM]:

Boston College defeated both Denver and UMass Lowell in the Northeast Regional to get to Philadelphia. Union had a pretty convincing showing in Bridgeport, defeating both Vermont and Providence to book a Frozen Four ticket.

Travis Hughes [4:31 PM]:

Evan Sporer [4:22 PM]:

Pretty good–lots of fans out with the nice weather.

Chris Dilks [4:16 PM]:

How’s the atmosphere outside the arena?(Other than being a giant parking lot.)

Chris Dilks [4:12 PM]:

As always

Evan Sporer [4:12 PM]:


Chris Dilks [4:10 PM]:

How are things in Philly, gentlemen?