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NCAA Hockey West Regional: All you need to know about Minnesota-St. Cloud State - "It's On"

Two Brodzinski brothers enter....

This is the closest we're getting to two helmets crashing a la the Bud Bowl.
This is the closest we're getting to two helmets crashing a la the Bud Bowl.
Matt Christians

There could be a lot written about Minnesota-St. Cloud State. In fact, we will write a lot. Two teams from the "State of Hockey" fighting at Xcel Energy Center tonight for a trip to Philadelphia, looking to return to the Frozen Four after making it last year (St. Cloud State) or in 2012 (Minnesota). Two teams that have already played on the St. Paul ice once this year - a 4-1 Gopher win in the North Star College Cup opening round. Two teams that, before moving to different conferences, shared the WCHA MacNaughton Cup last year. Two teams that won regular season titles this year. Two teams that can score, have Hobey Baker finalists (Nic Dowd and Adam Wilcox, respectively) and can find ways to win.

That's not scratching the surface. But sometimes brevity is best.

The two brothers play for both teams. Michael, a freshman defenseman at Minnesota, has the first bragging rights despite also getting injured in that game and Jonny, a sophomore forward at St. Cloud State, scoring. This time around it's a slightly bigger stage.

(Dad and Mom, for the record, also straddle both lines.)

Minnesota and St. Cloud State face off at 7:30 p.m. ET (6:30 p.m. CT) tonight. The game will be televised on ESPNU.