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NCAA Tournament Bracketology: March 22, 2014

It's bubble watch time as teams start seriously watching the scoreboard.

Ferris State goaltender C.J. Motte
Ferris State goaltender C.J. Motte
Ferris State Athletics

Pairwise Rankings

1. Minnesota

2. Boston College

3. Union

4. Ferris State

5. Wisconsin

6. Quinnipiac

7. UMass Lowell

8. Notre Dame

9. St. Cloud

10. Providence

11. Minnesota State

12. Colgate

13. Vermont

14. Michigan

15. North Dakota

NCAA Bracketology: March 22, 2014

Keep in mind that things will change, but this is how the bracket would look if the season ended right now.

Northeast Regional (Worcester)

1. BC

2. UMass Lowell

3. Minnesota State

4. Denver

East Regional (Bridgeport)

1. Union

2. Quinnipiac

3. Providence

4. North Dakota

West Regional (St. Paul)

1. Minnesota

2. Notre Dame

3. St. Cloud

4. Robert Morris

Midwest Regional (Cincinnati)

1. Ferris State

2. Wisconsin

3. Colgate

4. Vermont

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