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St. Cloud State's Kevin Gravel ties NCHC Playoff game with .1 second remaining (VIDEO)

Hockey has buzzer beaters too!

It's not often a goal happens in the waning seconds. To do so in the postseason is even rarer. So for St. Cloud State senior captain Kevin Gravel to score one in the final second of regulation in the Penrose Cup winning Huskies' playoff game against Miami is pretty special.

Buzzer beaters are left for other sports.

For Gravel to tie the game with literally .1 - one-tenth - of a second remaining with his second goal of the game, is something beyond pretty special. It's a playoff-saver, which you can watch above.

Following an empty-net save by SCSU's Tim Daily, St. Cloud State ended up with the puck in Miami's zone with less than ten seconds remaining. The Huskies won the face-off. While Nic Dowd's shot was saved by RedHawks goalie Ryan McKay, the rebound went straight to his teammate who buried it right as the green light came on at Herb Brooks National Hockey Center.

Gravel's goal was reviewed and upheld. Miami and St. Cloud State are currently in overtime. (UPDATE: Miami's Riley Barber scored the game-winning goal in overtime to give the eighth seed a 1-0 series lead over the Huskies in the best-of-three series.)

(S/T @cjzero)