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Introducing our Boston College-Boston University drinking game

The Battle of Commonwealth Ave Jack Eichel vs. Noah Hanifin I gets special treatment.

Christian Petersen

Every time we here at SB Nation College Hockey put out a drinking game for a big nationally televised game it surprises us how much everyone enjoys. Every time!

We're not judging.

That's fine. There's nothing wrong with that as you sit here and read this idly killing time on a Friday at work.

So it seemed that the perfect way to kick off the first Battle of Commonwealth Ave. Friday night between Boston College and Boston University at Conte Forum was with the first college hockey drinking game of 2014-15. Friday's game is broadcast nationally on NBCSN and has the attention of those outside Route 128.

Dave Goucher (play-by-play) and Ken Hodge (color) have the call. Puck drop is at 8 p.m. ET

The Green Line Rivalry is a big game with big names and plenty on the line. Both are currently ranked in the top five.

Several high end players go through both schools. BC, which had a first (Alex Tuch - Minnesota Wild) and second round pick (Thatcher Demko - Vancouver Canucks) in last fall's draft, is coming off a 1-0 shutout loss to Connecticut Wednesday. Having three players of its own (Johnathan MacLeod, Brandon Hickey and J.J. Piccinich) selected in the 2014 NHL Draft, BU is off to a 4-1-0 start though the Terriers are also looking to get back in the winning column and earn bragging rights.

However, the two biggest names that will be on the ice Friday are ones which fans of struggling NHL teams salivate. 18 year-old Terriers freshman Jack Eichel, entering the year as the most-hyped college hockey freshman in a decade, is challenging to be the top overall pick in the 2015 NHL Draft. Also projected to go top-five is BC Eagles defenseman Noah Hanifin. The freshman is expected to be the top available blue liner available in Sunrise, Florida.

It is hard to up the ante for one of college hockey's biggest rivalries, but the attention scouts and draft chatter bring with Eichel and Hanifin playing does put the Eagles and Boston University on an entirely new level.

And the pair of Massachusetts natives will come up over and over and over again. So will some other players as BC-BU fight over two points. (It should be said we do this out of love.)

Eagles fans, Terriers fans, Sabres'/Hurricanes/the teams leading in the Connor McDavid Power Rankings. Enjoy!

Now the disclaimer: This is for entertainment purposes. Be smart and be safe. Above all, the drinking game does not have to involve alcohol.

Boston College versus Boston University Drinking Game

1. Eichel wanted to go Boston College when he was younger, which has been an anecdote in 95% of stories about the Boston University frosh. Sip if Goucher or Hodge bring that up Friday.

2. Take two drinks every time Hanifin scores.

3. The third big name in the 2015 NHL Draft is Connor McDavid. Playing for the OHL's Erie Otters, he won't be anywhere near Conte Forum, however, if McDavid gets mentioned in comparison, take a drink.

4. Sip any time Hanifin and Eichel's tenure together last year with the US Under-18 Team gets mentioned.

5. Have a drink if Goucher and Hodge discuss the number of scouts and the Draft.

6. NBCSN normally uses intermission to discuss everything and anything other than the other college hockey games going on Friday and Saturday. Have a couple sips if or when the person at the desk gets around to the other games after the NFL and NHL.

7. Johnny Gaudreau is no longer on Boston College. Doesn't matter. Take three drinks if Johnny Hockey gets brought up.

8. Take one drink every time junior Ahti Oksanen has his name mispronounced.

9. If Eichel scores, take a drink. If you are a BU fan then sip extra and feel proud.

9a. If Thatcher Demko keeps Eichel off the scoresheet, take a drink at the end of the game. If you are a BC fan then sip extra and feel proud.

10. If your NHL team gets mentioned Friday you finish your drink.

That's it for now and for our Boston friends on both sides of the rivalry, may your pre-Beanpot bragging rights never be more bragging. The world is watching.

Any other suggestions? Leave them in the comments


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