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UMaine Hockey Associate Coach Jay Leach Considering Pilot's License for Recruiting

Jay Leach (front) with Maine head coach Red Gendron
Jay Leach (front) with Maine head coach Red Gendron
Matt Dewkett

University of Maine men's hockey associate head coach Jay Leach is considering obtaining his pilot's license to assist in recruiting. As many who closely follow recruiting are aware, recruiting budgets are an important part of a college hockey program's success. Maine wasn't immune to the epidemic of state budgets being slashed across the country. The recruiting budget for UMaine's hockey team, the flagship program at the school, took a hit with the rest of the budget.

To offset this and to save time, Leach is considering getting a pilot's license to transport him on various recruiting trips. Larry Mahoney's article in the Bangor Daily News has all the details.


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