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Morning Edition: 10/1/14

Matt Christians

SB Nation 2014 NHL Preview

Welcome to the SBN College Hockey Morning Edition. Keeping you up-to-date on anything you might have missed yesterday.

Leading things off, Nate Wells gave some of his resolutions for this college hockey season, and opened up the mailbag to answer some questions.

Elsewhere in the hockey world...


Our NCHC season previews continued with Western Michigan and St. Cloud. Denver will be up later this morning, and Minnesota Duluth comes later this afternoon.

Your early front-runner for best coach quote of the year:


Here's Jeff Cox's ballot for the All-ECAC preseason teams.


The WCHA announced their league-wide streaming package. $160 isn't bad on a per game basis(181-185 games depending on how the first round of the playoffs go), but it doesn't look good when a)The NHL charges the same amount for GameCenter Live and b)the NCHC offered their season pass for only $90.

Bemidji State has triplets on their roster this year(triplets with a crazy story, if you're not familiar), and they got to meet a set of triplets at a Bemidji-area elementary school. Adorable ensued.

Alaska-Fairbanks defenseman Justin Woods got to meet Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, during one of Wilson's weekly visits to Seattle Children's Hospital.

Women's Hockey

Audio and video links for every women's hockey program in the country.

Junior Hockey

USA Hockey Magazine is putting out a weekly USHL Power Ranking this year. Omaha is at the top of the first one.