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GIF: Minnesota State no goal

A potential goal by J.P. LaFontaine late in the second period was disallowed.

Matt Christians - SB Nation

Minnesota State came close to ending the second period with a goal, but for the third time Saturday afternoon a goal review went the other way.

After St. Cloud State goalie Ryan Faragher made a save, J.P LaFontaine shot the rebound past him with seconds remaining for what appeared to be his second goal of the game. The referees, however, called a no goal on the ice and upheld the call much to the anger of Mavericks head coach Mike Hastings. It was determined that Teddy Blueger interfered with Faragher.


Two previous reviews for Huskies goals were upheld in Saturday's North Star College Cup consolation game.

It could also prove to be costly. The Mavericks would have been trailing 5-3 and just added a power play goal by Johnny McInnis 5:37 into the third period. Instead, the hill is higher.

St. Cloud State leads Minnesota State 6-4 with 4 minutes left after a power play goal of its own was followed by LaFontaine finally scoring his second.

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(S/T CJ Fogler)