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SBN College Hockey Joins Fancred

SBN College Hockey hits the streets of Fancred in hopes of showing how absolutely amazing this sport really is.

Fancred Welcomes SBN College Hockey
Fancred Welcomes SBN College Hockey
Matt Christians

Fancred is a sports social network that helps you find the best sports content from a knowledgeable, passionate, and entertaining sports community. Build your sports credibility simply by being a sports fan. Share your sports takes, check-in to games, participate in conversations, read and post articles about your teams, and build a following.

In English?

Fancred is a place where sports fans come together and share media and opinions like pictures, GIFS, articles, and whatever else you feel like posting.  Imagine Facebook and Twitter combined and the stork that flew in the baby was a team mascot, that equals Fancred

Other SB Nation blogs have already joined, so feel free to give BC Interruption's post a quick read.  It's basically an all you need to know article.

If you do decided to take the jump into the world of Fancred, feel free to give us a follow: SB Nation College Hockey Fancred.