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NCHC Commish Considering New Job

Scherr may leave NCHC before the conference begins play next fall.

Jeff J Mitchell

On Friday, the website Inside the Games published a report saying that current NCHC commissioner Jim Scherr was announced as the new chief operating for the inaugural 2015 European Games during the European Olympics Committee Seminar last week.

On Monday, Scherr told USCHO that those reports were "premature," and that he has not accepted the position, but is considering it. North Dakota athletic director and chair of the NCHC board of directors Brian Faison released a statement acknowledging the job offer extended to Scherr, but reiterating that he has not accepted yet."

Scherr's background is in Olympic-level administration, having served as chief executive officer for the United States Olympic Committee. Scherr was named the NCHC's first ever commissioner in early 2012, signing a four and a half year contract, though the league doesn't begin play until next fall.