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Linkorama: April 22nd

A round-up of links from around the world of college hockey.

Justin K. Aller

St. Cloud State announced last week that they will rename their arena the Herb Brooks National Hockey Center. It's always nice to see an arena named after a person important to the program rather than some bank. It's also quite strange to see it happen in St. Cloud, where you can't flush a toilet in that arena without it having some sort of sponsor. Of course, given the millions of state taxpayer dollars that have been funneled into that building, maybe taking a bit of money from a corporate sponsor for naming rights wouldn't have been the worst thing.

It's also worth noting that after changing the name of the arena to the "National Hockey and Events Center" as part of their pitch for that state money, they hosted exactly zero events before dropping it out of the name . That either makes me laugh or cry about politics.

The Alaska State Hockey Association voted to give a unanimous vote of no confidence to Alaska-Anchorage athletic director Dr. Steve Cobb. It doesn't really mean anything other than obviously being pretty embarrassing for Cobb and the university. It also seems the challenges faced by whomever takes as head coach at UAA are even more significant than people originally thought.

After losing defenseman Chris Casto to the Boston Bruins, Minnesota-Duluth picked up Brenden Kotyk, a huge defenseman that played D-3 last year for nearby St. Scholastica.

Former UMass-Amherst forward James Marcou was just yards away from the second Boston Marathon bomb.

Boston College head coach Jerry York is a Watertown, Massachusetts, and lives about a quarter mile away from the now infamous boat on Franklin Street.