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Gwozdecky Gracious in Goodbye; "Not Done Coaching"

Recapping George Gwozdecky's farewell press conference

Andrew Fielding -- USA Today Sports

George Gwozdecky held a press conference in Denver this afternoon, one day after being released from his contract by the University of Denver, ending a 19-year run as head coach for the Pioneers, which included winning a pair of national titles.

Gwozdecky began the press conference by saying that was "stunned and shocked" when he received word that he was being released from his contract. He said that he had initial talks about extending his contract with Denver administration four years ago, but that those talks were put on hold two years ago, and never resumed.

He became emotional many times throughout the press conference, using the opportunity to thank many of the people that helped him along the way including his coaches, a list of former players, and even the media. While he said goodbye to Denver, Gwozdecky also made it clear that this was not his last job, saying twice, "I'm not done coaching."

Initial reaction to the press conference was that Gwozdecky handled himself with the grace and class that many in the sport have become accustomed to, and continued shock that Denver would choose to get rid of him.