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Alaska-Anchorage Announces Coaching Job Finalists

The Seawolves have narrowed their search down to four names.

Alaska-Anchorage announced four finalists for their vacant head coaching position today.

The finalists are:

Chris Brown- Current head coach at D-3 Augsburg(MN), and was an assistant coach at Alaska-Anchorage from 1997-2000

Mike Corbett-Current assistant coach at Air Force.

Gary Heenan- Current head coach at D-3 Utica College(NY)

Damon Whitten- Current assistant coach at Michigan Tech, and was an assistant coach at Alaska-Anchorage from 2006-2008.

It's tough to peg a front-runner. It might be Brown, who is the only name on the list to have both head coaching experience and a prior connection to the university, both of which would seem to be pluses. Corbett and Whitten both seem to be up-and-coming coaches, while Heenan has been a head coach for a long time at the D-3 level. At the very least, any of the four are infinitely better than the return of John Hill, which was a rumor floated out last week.